Sharp vows to go 'beyond 4K' HD with new TV lineup

Sharp television sets
Rick Wilking | Reuters

Sharp said its new 4K TV lineup will offer the highest resolution TV available in 2015.

Speaking at the CES conference on Monday, the electronics maker said it will sell three new series of Sharp AQUOS 4K Ultra HD TVs this year, ranging from 43 inches to 80 inches in size.

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The highest resolution TV, the Beyond 4K Ultra HD, has 42 million more subpixels than standard 4K Ultra HD, Sharp said in a press release.

"With more subpixels, this TV delivers 167 percent greater resolution than traditional 4K UHD and begins to approach 8K," the release said.

The TV is one of the company's Quattron models, which features Sharp's proprietary pixel-splitting technology. The TV also includes Sharp's Android-based smart-TV platform, which gives users access to games and apps on Google Play.

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