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This smart refrigerator makes your fridge look dumb

FirstBuild ChillHub refrigerator
Source: FirstBuild

Riddle me this. What has eight USB ports, built-in wi-fi connectivity and an iOS app?

You probably wouldn't guess a refrigerator, but that's exactly what the smart refrigerator built by General Electric's FirstBuild has created.

FirstBuild, which is a co-creation community that is an offshoot of GE, focuses on creating home appliances for the future. The community crowdsources ideas and then engineers and builds a selected product.

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FirstBuild's latest product, which was announced Monday at CES, is called the ChillHub and is basically a refrigerator designed for hackers and makers.

The ChillHub was built with accessories in mind, specifically accessories that can be 3-D printed.

Creators can design an accessory for the refrigerator and share it on the FirstBuild website so that other owners can download, print and assemble their own product.

The first available 3-D printed accessory is called the Milky Weigh, which is a programmable scale that sends users updates on how much milk they have left. To use it, the device needs to be connected to one of the USB ports and programmed for a gallon, quart or another common container size. If a user doesn't own a 3-D printer, they can purchase the accessory from

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The fridge uses a circuit board bridge built by FirstBuild called Green Bean, which gives software developers direct control over the fridge, allowing them to create custom products and features they want. It also features an open-source app that enables users to check in on the fridge whenever they want.

The ChillHub is available for order at and retails for $2,999.00.