CES: Three things to know from Monday

While the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) doesn't open to the public until Tuesday, a slew of companies made announcements at its press day on Monday.

Some of the biggest news came from Sony and Mercedes Benz, and there were a lot of announcements in the smart-home space.

Sony CEO addresses hack, shows off 4K video devices

Sony President and CEO Kazuo Hirai at the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show
Robyn Beck | AFP | Getty Images

Sony's CEO Kazuo Hirai opened up the company's press conference with a statement about the recent massive hack Sony suffered. It was the first time Hirai had spoken publicly about the breach and controversy over the film "The Interview."

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Hirai didn't share any new updates about the breach, but he did say that Sony employees were victims of a "vicious and malicious cyberattack" and that freedom of speech and expression are "very important" to Sony.

Hirai also thanked the telecommunications and Internet companies which helped with the film's eventual release, and offered his thanks to those who had gone out to see the movie in theaters or purchased rights to watch it online.

Sony also showed off new products including a very thin television and its new Sony Action Camera, a Go-Pro-like device that is aimed at recording action-packed footage.

The common theme between these products is that they either display or shoot in 4K -- an ultra-high definition format.

Mercedes Benz unveils concept car

Mercedes looks to the future with self-driving car

In the last press conference of the day, Mercedes Benz showed off a prototype for its new concept car, the F 015 Luxury in Motion.

The luxury automobile is an all-electric, fully autonomous-drive vehicle that features, among other things, inside door panels with web-connected touch screens and front seats that can swivel to face backwards.

Read more about the F 015 in CNBC's Phil Lebeau's piece.

Lots of smart home news

CES 2015: All about the 'Internet of things'?

Much of the news from a number of press conferences was about the Internet of Things and connecting the home with the web.

Google-owned Nest kicked things off with the news that it is adding more than a dozen new brand integrations to its open-software-collaboration called "Works with Nest." Most of the new partnerships are appliance makers and companies that make smart-home products, including Unikey, August and LG.

Qualcomm also talked about its chips that power the Internet of Things, including the connected home. The company showed off how one of its chips could turn any light bulb into a smart bulb.

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