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Expect driverless insurance tussle: Allstate CEO

Allstate's autonomous car deal

With self-driving cars expected to be the wave of the future, driverless insurance is an issue that will be "tussled over" for years to come, Allstate CEO Tom Wilson told CNBC on Tuesday.

"There will be people who will debate it," he said in an interview with "Closing Bell."

"The liability for keeping people safe is really everybody who is involved in the car, which is why it's important to get this right."

Therefore, Wilson believes it will take at least 10 years to get to all-autonomous cars.

While he thinks there will be an increased amount of product liability for automakers, he said that, overall, so-called driverless cars should be a good thing.

"The benefit of machine-to-machine communication is it should bring the overall number of accidents down, which means the total cost for everybody, whether it's consumers or auto companies or insurance companies, ought to come down," he said.

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