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Girl Scouts unveil new cookies (and ditch others)

Taking cues from one of today's hottest food trends, the Girl Scouts are adding three new cookies to their lineup this year.

For the first time, most councils will sell gluten-free cookies nationwide. The new gluten-free options are Toffee-tastic, a buttery cookie with bits of toffee, and Trios, which mixes peanut butter, chocolate chips and whole grain oats.

The third new cookie, the Rah-Rah Raisin, incorporates another trendy item: Greek yogurt. The item is made with chunks of the tart flavor, whole grain oats and raisins.

In total, there are 12 varieties this year, though not all of them are available in each market.

Girl Scout Cookies go high tech

Some cookie fans will be disappointed by this year's lineup. The group axed three varieties as part of the overhaul: a gluten-free pilot cookie, the Chocolate Chip Shortbread; the Dulce de Leche; and the Thank U Berry Munch cookie.

This year also marks a major tech leap for the cookie sales. Customers can now order Girl Scout Cookies through its "Digital Cookie" program, through either personalized websites or a mobile app that takes credit cards and lets people ship the cookies directly to their home.

The annual cookie sale is a big business for the Girl Scouts with sales of about 200 million boxes each year.

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