Bit9 + Carbon Black Applauds PCI Security Standards Council's Support for Application Whitelisting as a Deterrent against Credit Card Fraud

WALTHAM, Mass., Jan. 6, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Bit9® + Carbon Black®, the leader in endpoint threat prevention, detection and response, applauds the PCI Security Standards Council for its support of application whitelisting as an effective method for preventing fraud related to credit card transactions. That position is reflected in the article "Expand Your Security Strategy to Stop Data Breaches," coauthored by Troy Leach, chief technology officer for the PCI Security Standards Council, and Christopher Strand, PCIP, director of compliance programs for Bit9 + Carbon Black. The article was published by Dark Reading.

To demonstrate its support for application whitelisting (also known as "application control" or "default deny"), the PCI Council invited Strand to coauthor the article about expanding an organization's security strategy as a means of preventing data breaches.

"Application control solutions such as enterprise whitelisting enable merchants to specify what software is trusted for execution in their payment environment," Leach and Strand wrote. "Whitelisting helps limit the ability for malware to be executed on computers inside a payment system. The use of whitelisting as an additional solution for preventing malware will help to provide a layered security approach to ensure deeper coverage against the sophisticated types of malware attacks that are targeting systems – particularly retail point-of-sale software. Whitelisting is an additional arrow in a 'defense in depth' quiver to support PCI DSS requirements, where each reinforces the other to help achieve stronger security."

Strand praised the PCI Council for its support for application whitelisting and the positive effect it will have for the security of consumers and businesses: "PCI DSS v3 moves us in the right direction when it comes to strengthening payment systems. We commend the PCI Council for recognizing the evolving threat landscape and reacting accordingly. It's clear that data breaches are no longer occurring haphazardly in a vacuum using nuisance malware. Today's attacks are targeted and complex and require layered defenses, including application whitelisting."

In the article, Leach and Strand addressed the importance of continuously monitoring new risks and implementing layered security: "The challenge of preventing data breaches will never disappear," they wrote. "However, by deploying layered security controls and processes, continuously monitoring their effectiveness, and regularly assessing new threats and new opportunities to reduce risk, your organization can establish an effective offense that can stop malware attacks cold—and foster peace of mind for the safety of cardholder data."

Antivirus, while as effective as it ever was against nuisance malware, is no match for today's targeted attacks and sophisticated malware, Strand noted.

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About Bit9 + Carbon Black

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