First Wi-Fi Family Locator SmartUFO Launched at CES 2015

LAS VEGAS, Jan. 6, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Alert! Alert! A SmartUFO will arrive at CES 2015 on January 6. It is not alien technology but the wearable device you can't miss this year which presents a whole new interpretation of family locator technology.

SmartUFO is the world's first family positioning device that combines Wi-Fi, GPS and Cell-ID. Traditional locators are only limited to GPS and Cell-ID. SmartUFO comes up with new solution in positioning technology without worries of discomfort wearing experience or quick battery loss.

Already gained fame inside technology circle for the previous generation of wearable family locator in China, the Shanghai-based team Eachpal will present a whole new device in the US.

The new generation is a family locator in combination of a wearable device in shape of wrist-watch and smart phone APP helping you check on locations of the whole family circle.

The wearable device called SmartUFO is excellent in positioning your family member. It is the first product worldwide to adopt a three-in-one positioning technology that allows GPS, Wi-Fi and Cell-ID to work and shift without any interference under different circumstances. You can still receive text from your device to your smart phones when other devices failed to communicate with lack of signals.

Other than difference in shape, the new generation adds pedometer and calorie calculator into the wearable device which acknowledges the users which both positioning information and health statistics.

Devices with such excellence in signals and locating often suffer great loss in battery. But SmartUFO could be counted as an exception. Adopting Wi-Fi positioning, SmartUFO can last 5 to 7 days, which means you can use the device for a week without any concerns running out of battery.

A wearable smart device shaped as a wrist-watch fits more into your daily life. You can easily have access to the common information a watch can offer such as time and date, while at the same time check the whereabouts of your family member. What makes you love it more is that it can still work in pouring rains with exceptional waterproof designs.

APP for SmartUFO exemplifies a whole awareness package without endless messages or phone calls. Just to open the phone APP, you can find out where your kids are or whether your parents made it home themselves.

You can enjoy a great freedom in designing the alert frequency of the device. You can choose to receive messages once per minute or once per 100 minutes. Location history allows you to track down, Geo fence enables you to pay more attention when your children are off school and SOS message is the key to find help when dangers approach.

All those features about must make you interested. Come to visit us at Booth LVH-43014 at CES 2015. Are you ready to embrace the new mind-blowing family locator?

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