Immersive "Smart" Fitness Experience Platform Uses Fuzzy Logic to Power Machines That Know You/Adjust to Fit Daily Workout and Health Needs, Debuts at CES 2015

Zsolutionz demonstrates first prototype experience using treadmill, at Eureka Park Booth #75449

LAS VEGAS, Jan. 6, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- CES 2015, EUREKA PARK, BOOTH #75449 -- Imagine an immersive fitness experience where you step onto a treadmill, elliptical, or some other favorite fitness machine, and instead of "User 1", it recognizes you, warmly greets you by name, knows your weight loss, fitness, conditioning and health goals, asks what you had for breakfast, then suggests the best workout specifically for you at that moment. Not science fiction, Zsolutionz (Eureka Park, booth #75449) will debut the technology showcasing a treadmill prototype at CES 2015. Powering this new fitness experience is its patent-pending Fuzzy Logic IoT platform named Zofie (Zsolutionz Optimal Fitness Interactive Experience).

Zofie is programmed with expert knowledge which can be continually augmented, with additional data pulled from sensors built into the equipment, from the user's wearable devices, or through manual input. Using its Fuzzy Logic-powered decision-making engine, Zofie makes personalized recommendations based on the user's activity level and goals such as losing weight, staying fit, getting into competitive shape, and more. Zofie customizes each user's workout based on body profile, health conditions, diet, sleep patterns, and other factors.

"Future sports equipment will rely on expertise from industry experts and medical professionals to make optimal and accurate recommendations for users. Zofie eliminates that knowledge gap. For example to showcase the breakthrough innovation Zofie brings to health and fitness we chose a common treadmill, and through Zofie programmed it with expertise of doctors and trainers from the U.S. Olympic team and a championship NBA team. The knowledge base that can be applied to Zofie is virtually unlimited and she can be continually updated with new activities and new devices or equipment," said Zsolutionz CEO Sunil Koduri.

Unlike other Big Data methodologies which make decisions using classic logic based on binary rules: "on or off" or "true or false", Fuzzy Logic uses a "computing with words" methodology that interprets the way humans communicate using natural language; and has the capability to accurately represent how the human brain categorizes objects, evaluates conditions, and processes decisions.

Fuzzy Logic-equipped smart experience-powered equipment using Zofie can then be linked with other smart and/or cloud-enabled wearables, sensors, apps, and ultimately, into primary health provider record systems.

For its go-to-market strategy, Zsolutionz will license Zofie to firms in the health and fitness ecosystem including device/equipment manufacturers, sensor-wearable apparel makers, and health based cloud apps.

About Zsolutionz

Zsolutionz is a software research and development company based in Sammamish, WA with the goal of evangelizing Fuzzy Logic technology and making an impact in the fitness and healthcare industries. Zsolutionz is self-funded and cofounded by Sunil Koduri, Shalini Koduri, and Dr. Suray Bhatia who holds a number of Fuzzy Logic-related patents and is recognized as a leading Fuzzy Logic expert.

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