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NXP Releases World's First Ultra-Compact Smart Car Access Solution for Car Keys and Wearables

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EINDHOVEN, Netherlands and LAS VEGAS, Jan. 6, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- NXP Semiconductors N.V. (Nasdaq:NXPI), global leader in the secure connected car, today announced the world's first true one-chip solution for smart car access, combining Passive Keyless Entry (PKE), RF transmitter for remote control and immobiliser in a HVQVN32 package – the NCF29A1. As the global market leader in car access and immobilisation solutions, the company continues its track record of bringing breakthrough innovations to its customers.

The ultra-compact device allows new key designs and form factors like PKE chips in smartphones, smartwatches or smartphone cases, supporting complementary car access via mobile devices. Unlike conventional solutions in the market, the NCF29A1 enables improved automotive consumer experiences such as a welcome light or walk-away locking, with longer range and lower energy consumption.

The new NCF29A1 chip is designed for best-in-class operating range, providing consumers with a hands-free, seamless car access and locking experience. The chip features low power consumption with up to 40 percent longer battery life and high integration, resulting in lower system cost and a 70 percent smaller form factor. These features give OEMs more flexibility to create unique designs for smart car keys, as well as embed Passive Keyless Entry (PKE) solutions into portable and wearable devices.

"Seamless consumer mobility experience is a major societal trend," said Drue Freeman, senior vice president of automotive marketing and sales, NXP Semiconductors. "Smart car access is really the first touch point that drivers have with the car and where the consumer experience really begins. NXP is dedicated to developing leading innovations for passive and remote car management that makes this experience as secure and convenient as possible.

"This new combined chip extends the operating range, reduces power consumption and system costs and needs an extremely little space in the car key or additional portable devices," said Freeman. "As a market leader, it is our role in the industry to set the pace in car access innovation allowing OEMs to innovate and differentiate their products and services."

Technical highlights of the NCF29A1 include:

  • Superior sensitivity of the LF (low-frequency) frontend with low quiescent current enables best-in-class battery lifetime
  • Distance bonding, restricting the activation range for safety critical remote control functions
  • Transponder, UHF Transmitter, and RISC Controller on the same chip enables new safety and security features
  • Accommodates a wide range of regional sub-1GHz frequencies from 310 to 447 MHz, 868/915 MHz upon request
  • Allows multi-channel RF Transmitter operation for jamming robust operation
  • Key localisation (within 5cm) with the 3D LF interface using RSSI (receive signal strength indicator) over wide dynamic range
  • Lowest external component count enables further cost reduction for T1/OEM customers
  • Peer-reviewed AES security helps to effectively prevent key cloning / vehicle theft
  • Flexible customisation at ultra-low power with the programmable µC core

Samples of NCF29A1 are available and the device will be released in Q1 2015.

The NCF29A1 will be demonstrated at the International CES 2015 in Las Vegas January 6-9 at the NXP booth located in the Central Plaza 9 (CP 9).

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