Starkey Hearing Technologies Introduces Z Series

MINNEAPOLIS, Jan. 6, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Starkey Hearing Technologies, a global leader in hearing technology, is excited to introduce the all-new Z Series™, Starkey's newest full family of wireless products featuring next generation 900 MHz technology – 900sync™. Sold under the Starkey label, the new Z Series product line provides the most robust and consistent performance, even in the most challenging listening environments, and is available in a variety of styles and options to fit any hearing aid wearer.

The foundation of Z Series is BluWave® 4.0 – Starkey's breakthrough operating system. This evidence-based, patient-focused operating system's signal processing power enables Z Series to continually optimize audibility, intelligibility, comfort and sound quality. These advances make it possible to constantly enhance the hearing experience for the individual.

In order to provide consistent performance in the most challenging environments, Starkey created 900sync Technology, a new, robust wireless system that is virtually drop-free within normal user ranges of five meters. 900sync boasts a better than 98 percent link availability, features an increase in streaming range, and makes hearing aids less susceptible to internal and external interference. All of this is accomplished with a new low-energy radio, the first of its kind in the hearing industry.

Z Series wireless performance is also enhanced with Spatial Streaming and Stream Boost. Spatial Streaming provides patients with the best wireless performance in all possible settings while Stream Boost provides patients with an automatic setting that boosts the incoming media stream for enhanced audio performance.

This powerful combination of 900sync technology, along with Spatial Streaming and Stream Boost is designed so patients get a quality, natural sounding hearing experience all accomplished with no intermediary device.

Other exciting features of Z Series include:

  • A more natural listening experience: Starkey's Binaural Spatial Mapping delivers maximum listening comfort for louder sounds while providing a more natural, overall sound.
  • Superior Audibility in Noisy Environments: Thanks to Acuity Directionality™, a new approach to directionality, and Starkey's proprietary Speech ID, speech protection is improved and conversations are prioritized in difficult listening situations.
  • Distortion-Free Comfort in Loud Situations: Z Series' ISO-Clear Compression delivers a more personalized listening experience by making soft speech sounds audible without affecting louder inputs.
  • Feedback elimination: Starkey's best-in-class feedback cancellation system, PureWave Feedback Eliminator has the ability to manipulate how aggressively it performs, so feedback elimination can be personalized to the specific product and patient.
  • Customizable tinnitus relief: Multiflex Tinnitus Technology is now available on Starkey's Z Series micro RIC 312 product.
  • Protection from water and wax: HydraShield®2 nanocoating provides unparalleled protection from water, wax and oils.

Starkey Hearing Technologies' award-winning SurfLink® Mobile has been enhanced to provide a better patient experience with Z Series. Offering an updated user interface and controls, SurfLink Mobile 2 is a cell phone transmitter, assistive listening device, media streamer and hearing aid remote all rolled into one. It also features doubled battery life over the first generation SurfLink Mobile. SurfLink Mobile 2 with Z Series is the only wireless system to offer JustTalk™, enabling hands-free cell phone conversations by turning Z Series hearing aids into the microphone and receiver.

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