Xcerra Introduces the A8a, a New Generation of High-Speed Flying Probe PCB Testers

NORWOOD, Mass., Jan. 6, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Xcerra Corporation (Nasdaq:XCRA), today announced a new product from its atg Luther & Maelzer brand, the A8a. The A8a test system provides the flexibility of flying probe testers while delivering high throughput testing for bareboard printed circuit boards (PCBs). Flying probe testers provide significant advantages, compared to the alternative fixture testers, for small and medium batches. These advantages include faster time to volume production and lower cost of test. The target market for the A8a is the electrical test of tablet and PC motherboards and high density interconnect (HDI) products for smart phones. A8a test systems have been purchased by multiple customers and shipped to factories in both Europe and China.

The A8a is designed for high productivity, reliability and test accuracy. To achieve high throughput, the key feature of the A8a is a new dual shuttle system, which reduces the product exchange time to less than 4 seconds in automation mode. In combination with the fast test speed of up to 140 measurements/second, the A8a offers customers a competitive test solution for batches up to 5,000 boards. A typical cycle time of a 4-up smart phone board is about 2 minutes.

To ensure accuracy, the A8a is equipped with eight test heads and four cameras for precise optical alignment. The A8a is able to test pad sizes down to 35 micron and is capable of testing high density interconnect products for smart phones, and tablet and PC motherboards up to a test area of 18" x 12". The A8a eliminates limitations due to test point density or fine-pitch contacts and also features embedded component test or a 4-wire Kelvin measurement capability with an accuracy of +/- 0.025 mΩ.

Jochen Kleinertz, vice president of the PCB test group, commented, "The biggest advantage of the A8a for PCB producers is the significant cost savings compared to a fixture tester. The high costs of dedicated fixtures, which can range from $10K - $30K per fixture, justify using a high speed flying probe system to lower their test costs. As we continue to advance the speed of flying probe test technology, it is opening more of the higher volume PCB test market to this type of solution, a solution where we are the leaders in the market."

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