Misfit pushes into smart home space with smart bulb

Source: Misfit Wearables

San Francisco-based Misfit has come a long way from just being a wearable company. It now wants to light your home.

The company, co-founded by former Apple CEO John Sculley, unveiled on Tuesday at CES a smart bulb called the Bolt, which can be controlled with a smartphone via a new app called Misfit Home. (It can also be turned on by just flipping the switch.) The app will be available for download on both iOS and Android devices.

Besides just turning the Bolt on and off, the app also features several themes for lighting settings, such as "sunset," which mimics the sunlight during dusk.

Misfit, which is known for its wearable activity trackers, made its debut into the smart home space last summer with its sleep monitoring system Beddit. The belt-like device device is placed directly on the user's mattress to measure things like sleep quality, sleep cycles, heart rate and snoring.

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The company sees even more opportunity in the smart home space, said Tim Golnik, vice president of product and design.

"We wanted to do something with light, but we started to look at a lot of the companies in the space and realized there were a lot of barriers to entry," Golnik said. "The number one problem was setup and hubs, there are a lot of hubs required and we really didn't want people to have a hub, we didn't want to limit them."

The Bolt, which is an LED smart bulb with a life of 23 years if used for three hours a day, can be screwed into a lamp or ceiling and works with the app.

The Bolt will retail for $49.99 for one or $129.99 for a three-pack. It's available for order Tuesday.

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