Producer's Note: On ‘Squawk’s’ move to NYC

I have the greatest job. For 20 years now I have been coming into work every morning at CNBC and making sure"Squawk Box" makes it on TV. It's a really good gig.

We started it in a humble studio in an office building in Fort Lee, New Jersey, back in 1995. The original team was Joe Kernen, David Faber, Maria Bartiromo, and the late Mark Haines. We later moved to a new global state-of-the-art, all-digital facility here in Englewood Cliffs NJ.

Along the way, Mark and David went on to launch our sister show, "Squawk on the Street," Carl Quintanilla and Becky Quick joined the program, and then after that Andrew Ross Sorkin came to CNBC. Each addition helped the show evolve and made us better. And if you ask Joe (yes Joe and I have been doing this together for 20 years), I am sure he would agree with me. We both have been blessed that we get to do what we love.

"Squawk Box" has always been about doing things a little differently. It's been about leveling the playing field for individual investors, giving them access to headline guests and instant analysis of news as it was happening, rather than waiting until it was written and edited in the teleprompter. It's been about breaking news, but also about breaking the traditional TV format along the way.

Our format was to follow our gut. If a live interview on TV was supposed to last four minutes, we might go seven. If the protocol was to wear jackets on TV, we took ours off and rolled up our sleeves. If all business news was designed to be "serious," we found ways to try to make it fun. But most importantly, we never lost sight of our viewer and what we think they needed to know before the trading day began. Give viewers a great anchor team, great guests and timely information, and 20 years later you have the most powerful franchise in the financial TV-news industry.

Needless to say, to stay on top all these years, "Squawk Box" has also constantly ingrained the need to never stay still. We constantly look for ways to improve and try to take advantage of every opportunity that is presented to us. The show's evolution has literally been a "decades" long process, and now in celebration of our 20-year anniversary, Joe, Becky and Andrew are about to evolve the show again.

Starting January 7th, "Squawk Box" will originate live from our brand new studio in the heart of Midtown Manhattan. It only makes sense that the biggest and best financial TV show in the world originate live from the heart of business capital of the world. It's the next logical step in the growth of our show and will set us up for the next 20 years on CNBC!

As I mentioned, "Squawk Box" has always given our viewers access to guests and analysis they could not get on their own. For example, the average investor doesn't get a chance to email in questions for Warren Buffett to answer on live TV, or hear what investors like Ron Baron are telling his clients at his own private investor conference. But on "Squawk Box" they do. This access is what "Squawk" is all about and now in this beautiful street-level studio right on 6th Avenue in the heart of NYC that access to the best business guests in the world will only become grander.

Here's a little preview:

Just in the first week in a half we're talking names like Mohamed El-Erian, Lloyd Blankfein, Marc Lasry, Barry Sternlicht, Mel Karmazin, Barry Diller, Dick Parsons, Charles Evans, Ron Baron, Mario Gabelli, Jim Chanos, Sen. Marco Rubio, Brian Krzanich and many, many more.

And this is just the start of what will be a year-long celebration. It's "Squawk Box," now made in New York. We have never been more excited about this next step on our path.

Here's to the next 20 years!

Matt Quayle, Senior EP, "Squawk Box"