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Three wearables you will actually want to wear


Wearables devices are finally beginning to look ... normal. And that's a good thing.

The tech industry has talked about smartwatches and smart glasses for a while, but they haven't had widespread adoption largely because, well, so many of them are ugly.

But at the Consumer Electronics Show this year, companies have gone back to the drawing board, so to speak, creating devices that look less like pieces of technology strapped to your body and more like fashionable accessories.

Activite Pop

Take Withings' Activite Pop, for example.

The device looks like a normal watch. Instead of a clunky screen or a bulky body, the Activite Pop has a face and feel that consumers are familiar with. But the device is also a high-tech activity tracker that measures things like calories and distance and monitors sleep patterns. Users can check their health stats by viewing the app, which syncs with smartphones via Bluetooth.

Wearables you might actually wear

Withings unveiled the device at CES on Monday, it's available at Best Buy and online and is priced at $150. It comes in black, blue and a sand color and is interchangeable with the bands.

Right now it's only compatible with iOS devices, but in March Withings will enable compatibility with Android devices.

Martian Guess Watch

Another smartwatch built for the fashion-conscious is the Guess Connect.

Guess Watches partnered with the smartwatch developer Martian Watches to create a device that was smart, but also stylish.

Designed by Guess, the device has a familiar analog face, but also features an OLED display where it can notify the wearer about the arrival of e-mails or messages. Vibrations can also be customized so that the wearer can be alerted to notifications without looking at the device. For example, if a wearer receives a text, it might be set to vibrate once.

It also features a speaker and built-in microphone and works with voice commands on both Google Voice and Siri so that the wearer can actually speak to the device and it will answer.

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The same features in the Guess Connect are also integrated into 10 smartwatches that Martian designed.

Both the Guess Connect and Martian's collections are expected to launch in the summer. Guess has not revealed a price for the Guess Connect, but the Martian smartwatches will retail for $199 to $399, depending on the design.

Alcatel Onetouch Watch

The Onetouch also has a lot of things going for it.

Alcatel's new device does quite a bit more than the two previous devices. It acts as a notification system for missed calls and messages, is an activity tracker and can act as a remote for other devices. It also has a pretty slick, responsive display screen that is not overwhelming in size.

The device can be paired with iOS and Android devices and is priced at $149, making it very competitive against other smartwatches like the Apple Watch, which is expected to begin retailing for about $350.