August Connect lets you open your door remotely

­August Smart Lock
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Not everything at CES is about TVs, fitness trackers or drones.

For example: San Francisco-based August introduced "August Connect," a device that allows homeowners and renters keyless entry to a house, from wherever the owner has an Internet connection. The product uses Bluetooth low energy technology and Apple iOS and Google platforms

How it works: A smart lock is retrofitted over an existing deadbolt and access is given in the form of virtual keys for different intervals of time. At the moment, the August Smart Lock is completely offline, using Bluetooth connectivity to operate.

Essentially, homeowners will no longer have to be present to buzz in guests, or check the status of their smart lock.

August Connect
Source: August Smart Lock
August Connect

Also, the device can be integrated with platforms such as Smart Things—which was acquired last year by Samsung—as well as Logitech Harmony, giving homeowners options to customize their home entry security.

Outside of these platforms, August is announcing a product partnership with Google's Nest Learning Thermostat. Users will be able to customize how these two devices interact such as setting Nest to immediately cool or warm the house when August locks the door to help save energy.

Connect August Smart Lock
Source: August Smart Lock

As the chatter about a smart home of the future continues to build, this partnership seems like a step away from hobbyists with many devices and few platforms to all-encompassing platforms where varied devices can communicate with one another.

Competitor Kwisket, which makes the Kevo smart lock also announced its API compatibility with Google Nest and a platform extension, "Kevo Plus" that allows users to lock and unlock remotely.

Currently the August Smart Lock is available on its site, and Apple stores for $249.99. August Connect will be available for preorder starting Wednesday for $49.99.