NXP Investment in Software Strengthens Leadership Position in Secure Connected Car

EINDHOVEN, Netherlands, and LAS VEGAS, Jan. 7, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- NXP Semiconductors N.V. (Nasdaq:NXPI), global technology leader in the secure connected car, today announced a follow-on investment in Cohda Wireless, a leading software specialist for automotive safety applications.

By expanding its investment in Cohda Wireless, NXP reinforces its commitment to drive the rapid global adoption of V2X (vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-infrastructure) technology, allowing cars to communicate with one another and to the surrounding intelligent traffic infrastructure by wirelessly exchanging real-time warning messages and traffic information. V2X technology has the potential to vastly improve road safety, alleviate traffic congestion and enhance the overall experience for consumers. In January 2013, NXP, together with Cisco, acquired a stake in V2X software leader Cohda – combining forces to advance Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS).

Major highlights in NXP's V2X innovation track record include the introduction of the innovative V2X chipset family, RoadLINKTM, which integrates Cohda MAC/PHY firmware as well as an NXP hardware security module to protect consumers and the industry against illegal hacking and cyber-attacks – significantly advancing privacy protection in the connected car.

Torsten Lehmann, senior vice president, car infotainment and driver assistance, NXP Semiconductors, commented: "NXP's follow-on investment in Cohda Wireless represents another significant step in our quest to make the secure connected car a reality and to improve road safety and traffic flow. The combined performance of the proven NXP RoadLINKTM chipset for V2X communications and Cohda's market-leading V2X software stacks and applications are being highly recognized across the industry."

Leading car brands have recognized the performance of the combined NXP/Cohda RoadLINKTM technology. It will be used, along with Cohda's V2X software stacks and applications, in Delphi's V2X communications platform for cars entering the market in less than two years from now. Furthermore, NXP/Cohda RoadLINKTM technology is the solution of choice in more than 60 percent of all test vehicles used in global V2X field trials. Recently, Audi AG concluded a V2X field test of NXP/Cohda communications technology under real traffic conditions and at high speeds. According to Audi AG, RoadLINKTM delivered excellent results in the reliability of wireless exchange of warnings, reception performance, and communication range.

About V2X technology

Direct communication with V2X-capable vehicles and intelligent infrastructure, such as intelligent road signs, gives drivers real-time warning of upcoming hazards over long distances and even beyond the driver's line of sight. According to a report by the US Department of Transportation, the safety benefits of V2X applications such as Left Turn Assist (LTA) and Intersection Movement Assist (IMA) could prevent as many as 592,000 crashes and save 1,083 lives per year when the entire U.S. vehicle fleet has the technology. V2X-capable vehicles also automatically recognize the operating cycle of intelligent traffic lights. The technology therefore ideally complements existing driver assistance systems such as cameras or radar and has the potential to make road transport much safer and smoother than it is today. Not reliant on cellular service providers or other mobile networks, which can be slow or unreliable, V2X communication uses IEEE 802.11p, a standard related to Wi-Fi and tailored especially to the needs of the automotive industry. Direct communication between road users and infrastructure ensures the instant and secure transmission of traffic and vehicle data.


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