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Cramer: At last, a rational stock market
Cramer: At last, a rational stock market

Finally, someone kicked a little sense into the market! It has finally gotten some rationale, and is reacting positively to good news.

As much as this seems like common sense, Jim Cramer reminded investors that the opposite has been occurring. In fact, Wednesday's session was a reminder that investors can make money from the thoughtless panic of others.

Panic itself is not a strategy, but buying from those who panic is one of the greatest and most lucrative strategies in Cramer's book of investing.

What does he mean that the market has finally become rational? Here are a few examples.

"It has been my contention that what's freaking people out and making them panic out of all socks is not the downward direction of oil, but the velocity of the move," Cramer said.

He thinks that oil has more room to go lower based on the fact that there is too much of it sloshing around. Finally, oil stopped its decline and buyers came out of the woodwork to buy stocks in companies that benefit from lower energy costs. Those are the consumer packaged goods, retailers and restaurants.

"Just consider the oil market as a rigged market that's no longer being rigged," he added.

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As a result, the consumer packaged goods companies that buy all sorts of petroleum for plastic and packaging and have awesome dividends, were flying high. A rational move.

And would JC Penney have generated a 20 percent swing in one day based off of terrific numbers if the oil cartel still conspired to take a chunk of American's income? Probably not.

It is also rational that the private equity folks would jump on board and take advantage of the oil related decline. They know that low oil is good, not bad, for brick and mortar retailers. That is why Cramer was not surprised when he heard that Dick's Sporting Goods was up 11 percent based on a possible private equity bid.

Then there is the monster home builder rally. Companies like Toll, Lennar and Horton were all up 2 to 5 percent. Rumors of a possible cut in the Federal Housing Authority fees could be huge for first time homebuyers.

The strong U.S. dollar brought buyers from weaker currency markets into the U.S., and Cramer contends that this is what has allowed mortgage rates to go to super low levels.

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"Yet, because of fears about what a decline in oil really means, we hadn't even thought about what lower interest rates mean for homebuyers. Today we did." Rational.

When rationality enters back into the market, suddenly investors realize that they want to buy stocks of companies that benefit from macro trends. Not sell them.

Wednesday proved that it pays to stand your ground and not panic. Instead, you can plot the high-quality stocks that you can calmly grab on the next stock market freak-out. One of the best money making strategies known to man.

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