CEGEDIM STRATEGIC DATA : HCP prescribing behaviours still strongly influenced by traditional channels despite increased use of digital

PARIS, Jan. 8, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Cegedim Strategic Data (CSD), a leading provider of healthcare market research, has released result highlights from its Global Promotion Audits regarding the percentage of healthcare professionals' (HCPs) traditional [1] versus digital [2] interactions and their impact on prescriptions.

This analysis was conducted using data from CSD's Global Promotion Database. Data is collected from syndicated promotion audit panels for each country - Top 5 Europe [3], USA, Japan, Brazil, Russia, China, Belgium, Canada and Poland. The study includes physicians from primary and secondary care disciplines and the results are based on 12-month projected data on MAT Q3 2014.

Result highlights - Digital Penetration

Traditional channels remain the dominant form of HCP interaction for the countries analyzed. Penetration of digital channels varies among the 13 countries studied and ranges from 34% in Japan to 1% in China. Emailing is the predominant digital channel in 11 of the 13 countries analysed. The exceptions are Japan and China where online automated detailing represents the main digital channel.

Impact on Prescriptions

Country level analysis reveals that digital channels have the most positive impact on Rx intention in Canada where 55.6% of digital interactions lead HCPs in that country to indicate a positive intention to start prescribing or increase prescribing of the promoted brand. Meanwhile, France sees the least impact with only 17.1 % of digital interactions leading to positive Rx intent.

Overall, at the country level, traditional channels generally have a greater positive impact on Rx intention when compared to digital channels.

Christopher Wooden, Vice President, CSD Global Promotion Audits commented on the findings: "Marketers are under pressure to leverage the use of digital channels but still face head winds in terms of technology and culture - both internal and on the customer side. These study results validate assumptions that personal selling remains the superior means of influencing prescription behaviour."
Regarding the penetration of digital channel use, Wooden observes: "Japan has led the way in the use of digital but, very notably, this has not been in the context of significant sales force cuts. In contrast, there is a sense of urgency in many mature markets due to resource limitations - and this is spurring digital development, accompanied by inevitable trial and error."

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[1] Traditional Contacts: Face-to-face & telephone detailing, on-site meetings & events, postal mailings
[2] Digital Contacts: Remote automated Detailing, Remote Live Detailing, Webinar Meeting (pre-recorded), Webcast Meeting (live), e-mailing.
[3] Top 5 Europe: France, Italy, Germany, UK, Spain

Digital vs Traditional Interactions with HCPs http://hugin.info/141732/R/1884726/665924.pdf