Cre8tive Works Reviews Accomplishments of 2014 and Sets Objectives for First Quarter 2015

MIAMI BEACH, Fla., Jan. 8, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Cre8tive Works, Inc. ("Cre8tive") (OTC:FILM) would like to review the accomplishments of 2014 and outline objectives for the first quarter of 2015.

In 2014 Cre8tive:

  • Changed its corporate name from Rangemore Film Productions Corp. to Cre8tive Works, Inc.
  • Restructured its common shares.
  • Changed its stock symbol from RANF to FILM.
  • Launched a new corporate website and social media campaign.
  • Maintained "Current Information" filer status with OTC Markets for all four quarters.
  • Completed a comprehensive 11 year review of all books and records as part of the Form 10 filing process to become fully reporting with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.
  • Retired 4.5 million common shares as a result of the internal review.
  • Converted all outstanding preferred shares into common.
  • Commended audit preparation.
  • Commenced attorney due diligence as part of the Form 10 preparation.
  • Re-wrote business plan.
  • Developed business strategy to take advantage of available film tax credits in Canada and the US.
  • Continued to prospect for potential acquisition targets.
  • Launched an initiative to sponsor up and coming film makers as part of the marketing strategy. To date Cre8tive has sponsored the following independent short film projects:
    • "Dead Air" (Executive Producer);
    • "Behind Glass Walls" (Executive Producer);
    • "Deposito Barbae" (Associate Producer);
    • "The Fool" (Executive Producer);
    • "Amara" (Producer);
    • "Average & Uninteresting" (Associate Producer);
    • "The Wild Adventures of BeBop Fuzz" (Associate Producer);
    • "Sandal Brigade" (Series Producer).
  • Commenced due diligence on larger commercially viable independent film projects with intent on funding.
  • Signed Letter of Intent to finance the independent film "Red Light Go".
  • Signed a Letter of Intent to finance the first four singles of a successful British Columbia based music group.
  • Signed Letter of Intent to finance the independent film "Somebody Else".
  • Signed Letter of Intent to finance the independent film "Gord".

"In 2014 we were able to accomplish a great deal on a very limited budget," stated Richard Smith, Secretary & Treasurer of Cre8tive. "We changed our company name and stock symbol, restructured our common shares, developed a new business plan, launched a new marketing strategy, completed a thorough 11 year review and commenced the process of becoming fully reporting all without significant cash outlay or excessive dilution of our common shares. We also helped finance eight independent short films and negotiated financing agreements on four commercially viable media projects. I am extremely proud of what we accomplished in 2014 and it sets us up nicely for a very successful 2015," continued Mr. Smith.

Cre8tive's objectives for the first quarter of 2015 are:

  • Maintain "Current Information" filer status with OTC Markets.
  • Become fully reporting with the US Securities & Exchange Commission through a Form 10 filing.
  • Retain an investment banking firm to advise and coordinate capital raising.
  • Complete a minimum $2 million non toxic funding.
  • Complete financing obligations for:
    • independent film "Red Light Go";
    • first four singles of the British Columbia based music group;
    • independent film "Somebody Else";
    • independent film "Gord".
  • Expand Media Advisory Board.
  • Strengthen management team.
  • Launch aggressive marketing campaign.
  • Co-list common shares for trading on a European stock exchange.
  • Obtain a listing on a Canadian stock exchange.
  • Prospect for potential acquisition take-over targets.

"Our main focus for the first quarter of 2015 is to become fully reporting with the SEC," stated Andrew McLaughlin, CEO of Cre8tive. "By becoming fully reporting we will be able to apply to become quoted on the OTCQB and be one of the few companies that are moving from the Pinks to the QB. Out of 25,000 companies quoted on the OTC Markets tiers only 2,200 companies are currently on the OTCQB and we are very proud that Cre8tive is going to be part of that exclusive group," continued Mr. McLaughlin.

About Cre8tive Works, Inc.

Cre8tive Works, Inc. specializes in the financing of production ready, independent films and media projects that have potential for financial success. The Company's mission is to identify projects that strike a balance between artistic integrity and commercial viability and to develop strong relationships with independent filmmakers by assisting them to bring their vision to fruition while ensuring a solid financial return.

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