Rightside to Bring Five New TLDs to Market in First Quarter of 2015

KIRKLAND, Wash., Jan. 8, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Rightside (Nasdaq:NAME), a leading provider of domain name services that advance the way businesses and consumers define and present themselves online, announced it will usher in the new year with the launch of five new Top Level Domains (TLDs). This will expand its in-market portfolio that includes professional options like .ENGINEER and widely applicable extensions like .SOCIAL. Rightside's growing portfolio of new TLDs empowers businesses and consumers to share their identities, interests, and brand personalities with simple, memorable web addresses.

Rounding out 2014, Rightside launched .DENTIST and .REHAB on December 24 for health professionals, treatment centers, and restoration companies among others. With more than 143,000 dentists and tens of thousands of professionals devoted to a wide range of rehabilitation services in the United States, .DENTIST and .REHAB are expected to appeal to practitioners seeking to build their online presences and attract new clients.

On January 14, Rightside will introduce .GIVES, a TLD for people, organizations, foundations, and companies dedicated to charitable causes or corporate social responsibility. The .GIVES domain allows organizations to clearly identify their commitment to helping others and expands their ability to attract donors and community members interested in supporting their work. For-profit entities can use the .GIVES domain to call out a website or subset of web pages dedicated to their corporate giving and community involvement programs.

For those in the education sector, .DEGREE is also launching on January 14, offering opportunities for students, faculty, and institutions of higher learning to centralize resources and connect with prospective and current degree seekers. For universities, .DEGREE offers a platform for online marketing and recruiting, providing an easily identified destination for parents and students seeking information about graduate and post-graduate education programs.

Launching on January 21, Rightside will introduce .FORSALE as a tool for facilitating transactions and attracting consumers seeking deals on products and services. For residential and commercial real estate brokers, as well as retailers and wholesalers, this domain provides an opportunity to effectively reach customers by telegraphing a website's content through a memorable and descriptive URL.

The music and media industry will also gain value from new TLDs in the coming year with the release of .BAND on January 28. Musicians, producers, and industry professionals can enhance branding and exposure while building a fan base for their work by leveraging a domain that fits their creative pursuits and aspirations.

Also arriving on January 28, .RIP is geared toward businesses that support the funeral industry, including funeral homes, cemeteries, and florists. Uses for .RIP potentially include online resources and advice for those dealing with the death of a loved one, and the extension offers a suitable home for sites that pay tribute to departed celebrities, civic leaders, and other members of the community.

These new TLDs offer relevant and cost-effective ways for professionals and businesses to improve their visibility through online and offline ads, web and search traffic, signage, emails, and business cards. Rightside's user-friendly consumer site Name.com makes getting a new web or email address a simple process with a lasting, memorable impact.

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