Lightning Round: This cheap stock goes higher

It's that time again! The Lightning Round bell has rung, and Jim Cramer gives his take on a few favorite audience stocks:

JetBlue: "I don't prefer JetBlue. I would much rather see you in Southwest, American Airlines or Spirit. JetBlue has had a big run, I think you have to pull back."

Spectra Energy: "I like this, it's in the distribution business and has a good 4 percent yield and I don't have to worry about the price of commodities as much as a lot of these other plays. This has got my blessing."

Consolidated Edison: "We care more about the fact that they are increasing their dividend, than we do a stock split. I will tell you that Con Ed has had a very big run. If interest rates take a single tick up, Con Ed's going to be down $3. That's when I want you to buy it."

The Carlyle Group: "I don't typically like these kinds of investments because you don't know what they really own. The only one that I have been recommending is Blackstone Group because I have a little bit more visibility. Other than that, I do not suggest owning the Carlyle Group."

Aegean Marine Petroleum Network: "I think this stock is fully valued. I am not a buyer."

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King Digital: "Don't trust them. Too much disappointment right out of the shoot. Take-two interactive is my play in that group."

Skyworks Solutions: "This is the greatest integrated semi-conductor company. I can't fight it, the stock was up huge on Thursday. They have intellectual property in pretty much everybody, including Apple. Skyworks is an inexpensive stock, and is going higher."

Correction: Infoblox has been removed from this transcript on January 9, 2015, whose results were erroneously reported

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