Ohio's 'Ebola bridal shop' to close

Anna Younker, Coming Attractions Bridal & Formal
Hilary Golston | WKYC

The bridal shop in Akron, Ohio that was at the center of the state's Ebola scare has not been able to recover from the bad publicity and will shut its doors for good, according to WKYC TV.

Coming Attractions Bridal & Formal owner Anna Younker made the announcement Wednesday on the store's Facebook page, stating that it will only take orders until the end of the month, and then only be open long enough for items to be picked up. She wrote, "despite our best efforts, we simply have been unable to recover."

The 30-year-old bridal salon briefly shut down in October after Texas nurse Amber Joy Vinson visited the shop to help her bridesmaids find dresses. Vinson was later diagnosed with Ebola. The store reopened in November, but the stigma remained. Younker said she has lost hundreds of thousands of dollars since the incident.

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"They say 'You went to that store. Oh my gosh! Is it still safe to go there?' Other people were like 'Oh, I thought they were closed,' " Younker told WKYC.

Her Facebook message included, "the decision for me to close was not easy for me. Over the years I have met and worked with the most amazing brides, mothers of brides, bridesmaids, prom girls and many other wonderful people."

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