CCTV Script 08/01/15

This is the script of CNBC's news report for China's CCTV on January 8, Thursday.


The crowds here in the Consumer Electronic Show can't get enough of drones. There are 16 commercial and consumer companies are taking over a 6,500 square feet "Unmanned Systems Marketplace." Its first presence in the CES.

"The DJI inspire 1 is the most sophisticated all in one aerial film making platform ever created i say that because all of the components are integrated."

Parrot's newest drone costs $499 with a fish eye lense and the ability to pre programme flights plus live stream videos plus image stabilization with the FAA recently announcing that it is going to allow drones to shoot tv and with more approvals to shoot music and sports events we are seeing a number of tools showcased very useful for these new capabilities for instance a company called racer has a flying camera which can lock onto a subject and follow it while live streaming a video that could be a real bonus for shooting something like the likes of a football game.

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