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Cramer Remix: Last chance to buy this stock

A Pier 1 Imports store in New York.
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Key Points

The market in 2015 is a new ball game. Jim Cramer sees a market that is swinging much harder than in 2014, along with significant gains and losses that occur at the drop of a hat. Likewise, it has created rare opportunities to buy quality stocks.

"I think we're still trapped in that irrational world where a sharp decline in oil like we had today gives scaredy-cats a reason to sell stocks," Cramer said.

In this new world, individual earnings reports are going to be magnified. With this in mind, Cramer is gearing up for earnings season to start once again and shared the stocks that he will be watching next week.

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The U.S. jobs report on Friday announced a staggering 252,000 new hires, dropping the unemployment rate to 5.6 percent. Yet, despite the growth in the economy, the average hourly earnings decreased by 5 cents.

Jim Cramer is astounded by the decrease, and warned investors to forget what they learned in economics 101. Throw out your textbooks, because high job growth and low wages just doesn't make sense.

So with jobs galore, how the heck did the average hourly earnings decrease by 5 cents?

"Put simply, technology is taking away high paying jobs and replacing them with lower paying jobs," Cramer said. This is bad news for employees but good news for investors.

Sales are going up, but wages are not. That means companies will use the earnings to give back to shareholders in the form of dividends and buybacks.

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On Thursday night it was announced that Trian Partners launched a proxy fight against DuPont, in order to break up the company and unlock further value.

Trian is the hedge fund run by well-known activist Nelson Peltz. He nominated four candidates to sit on DuPont's board of directors at the annual meeting.

"I think this is the most important proxy fight we've seen in ages…because if history is any guide, Peltz's involvement could ultimately send DuPont's stock much higher, whether or not he actually wins the proxy fight," the "Mad Money" host said.

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Just like the jobs report, Cramer knows that sometimes the best investing opportunities are counterintuitive. As such is the case with Morgan Stanley, which had a major data breach this week concerning 350,000 wealth management customers.

To make matters worse, 900 customer records were posted online. As a result, investors took the stock to the wood shed.

Now, it would make sense that this data breach would be bad for business—especially for banking, since customers need to be able to trust their bank with sensitive information.

But unfortunately cybertheft has become common in the modern world. Both Target and Home Depot had similar cybersecurity breaches, and the stocks have bounced back.

"The lesson is clear: when you're dealing with a well-run, best of breed company, any selloff caused by this kind of data breach is a reason to buy the stock," Cramer added.

One reminder as to why Cramer loves the biotech sector is the small-cap stock Agenus. This stock shot up more than 28 percent on Friday, based on the announcement of its partnership with Incyte to create cancer immunotherapy treatments.

The deal could present an opportunity to be worth as much as $350 million to Agenus, larger than the company's current market cap.

Has the jump in value been too hot for the stock? To find out, Cramer sat down with Agenus CEO Garo Armen.

"The importance of the Incyte deal is that now we have a whole spectrum of tools…their vision and capabilities allows us to get to the finish line quicker, better and more complete fashion," Armen said.

In the Lightning Round, Cramer shared other stock opportunities when he gave his take on a few caller favorites:

Cliffs Natural Resources: "No, we don't like that. Why? No offense to the guys who run it, it just happens to be a tough business. They're in the iron ore business, and it's one of the worst businesses in the world."

EV Energy Partners: "A high yield like that is a red flag. I think that the yield is probably unsustainable and therefore I think the stock could go lower."

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A Pier 1 Imports store in New York.
Craig Warga | Bloomberg | Getty Images