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Cramer's game plan: A new ball game for earnings

Cramer: Earning season back; Learn from CEOs

The market in 2015 is a new ball game. Jim Cramer sees a market that is swinging much harder than in 2014, along with significant gains and losses that occur at the drop of a hat.

"I think we're still trapped in that irrational world where a sharp decline in oil like we had today gives scaredy-cats a reason to sell stocks," Cramer said.

In this new world, individual earnings reports are going to be magnified. With this in mind, Cramer is gearing up for earnings season to start once again. Here are the stocks he will be watching next week:

The Alcoa logo is shown in the lobby of Alcoa's headquarters in Pittsburgh.
Gene Puskar | AP Photo

Monday: Alcoa & JPMorgan Healthcare conference
AlcoaCramer feels comfortable with the long-term direction of this stock, as it seems to have removed its exposure to aluminum prices. Thus it is not relying on the economies around the globe to boom in order to turn a profit.

JPMorgan Healthcare conference—This is one of Cramer's favorite sectors from 2014, and he can't wait to hear more news breaking and insight into the sector

Tuesday: CSX & Monster Beverage
CSX CorpWill give investors insight into the railroad business. Cramer is interested in hearing if coal shipments have gone down given the lack of increase in natural gas.

Monster Beverage—A daylong analyst meeting is scheduled, and Cramer can't wait to hear what it has up its sleeve. This company is a big beneficiary to the low price of oil.

"I bet it traces out a phenomenal story, and don't forget that Coca-Cola owns a big chunk of it," the "Mad Money" host said.

Wednesday: JPMorgan & Wells Fargo
Cramer is dreading this day, as the earnings for these companies tend to be misinterpreted.

"I often see people trade before hours on these two and they're rarely right."

These banks trade based on the direction of their net interest margins, not on earnings or revenues. They make money based on the money made on customer deposits, thus a low interest rates may not be in their favor as that makes it difficult for them to make money.

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Thursday: Schlumberger, PPG, Lennar & Intel
Schlumberger: This company will give further insight to the state of oil and reveal the real truth on what's going on.

"I've seen them bring down the entire oil and gas sector with a negative outlook, and with oil this low and capital expenditure budgets being slashed left and right, I don't see how Schlumberger can be at all positive," Cramer said.

Fortunately, the "Mad Money" host does expect positive news from Intel, Lennar and PPG.

Friday: Goldman Sachs
Cramer expects the quarter for Goldman to be great, considering the amount of volatility that the marketplace has had. This bank does well during volatile times, though Cramer's favorite bank stock is Morgan Stanley.

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