Landis betting on Apple, Netflix in 2015

Kevin Landis, CIO & Portfolio Manager, Firsthand Capital Management.
Adam Jeffery | CNBC

Kevin Landis, member of SquawkBox's inaugural Portfolio Challenge, believes technology stocks may be the way to weather a correction or bear market that could start this year. He's looking for stocks that dominate their respective tech categories.

"Feels like we are still in the midst of a tepid, long-running recovery," said Kevin Landis, chief investment officer of Firsthand Capital Management. "Unfortunately, Goldilocks stories usually end with the arrival of a bear, so I should actually be terrified."

"Our strategy is simple: Focus on strong tech trends that should work even in bad times," he said. "For example, cord-cutting/cord-shaving/OTT video mayhem is a pretty foregone conclusion."

Landis is the portfolio manager for Firsthand Technology Value Fund (a closed-end fund), as well as Firsthand Technology Opportunities Fund and Firsthand Alternative Energy Fund (both sector mutual funds).

Here are his top picks: