Lightning Round: Right time to buy Google?

It's that time again! The Lightning Round bell has rung, and Jim Cramer gives his take on a few favorite audience stocks:

Cliffs Natural Resources: "No, we don't like that. Why? No offense to the guys who run it, it just happens to be a tough business. They're in the iron ore business, and it's one of the worst businesses in the world."

EV Energy Partners: "A high yield like that is a red flag. I think that the yield is probably unsustainable and therefore I think the stock could go lower."

Oneok Partners: "This one is a strange one. I actually thought the dividend was pretty safe here. People do not trust it. I'd like the partners to come on the show so we can make a better determination ourselves."

Google: "Do I feel like it could long-term add value? It sells at 17 times earnings, you better count the cash. It's a below market multiple, which seems illogical to me. But the world has turned against Google. I would wait until it gets to $450 and that's where I would buy stock back. Be careful. A lot of people have turned on this stock, rightly or wrongly, they're in control."

AU Optronics: "That has had such a big move I feel if I come in here up 13 percent for the year I'm going to hurt people. Don't buy."

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Royal Dutch Shell: "Be careful. It's an oil company and is my favorite oil company..but at the same time here's the problem: it is an oil company. Those stocks are going lower as the commodity goes lower. I'm using a $43 short-term price target for oil. That's where you should buy it."

Halozyme Therapeutics: "It's had such a big move. I'm reluctant to recommend these stocks that have had a very big move."

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