Pet Wellness Clinic Announces a New Westfield Location for 2015

INDIANAPOLIS, Jan. 11, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Pet Wellness Clinics announced that they will be opening a new location at 161st Street and Springmill Road in early 2015. The Springmill clinic will serve Westfield, Carmel and the surrounding community. Dr. Steve Nichols, a licensed veterinarian, will be providing care at the new location. Springmill Pet Wellness Clinic will offer comprehensive pet wellness services, including routine medical, surgical and dental care for dogs and cats. The animal hospital will also offer emergency veterinary care during the clinic's regular hours.

Springmill Pet Wellness Clinic announced that the veterinary hospital will soon begin accepting cat and dog patients at their new Westfield location. The Westfield location is set to open by January 12, 2015. The Westfield location will be in addition to the veterinary hospital's current Indianapolis location at 71st and Binford.

"We are excited to announce the grand opening for our newest Pet Wellness Clinic location," said veterinarian Dr. Steve Nichols, who will provide care at the new location. "The Springmill Pet Wellness Clinic will continue our animal hospital's commitment to providing excellence in veterinary medicine. We treat each pet like a member of our family."

The Springmill Pet Wellness Clinic in Westfield will provide many of the same veterinary care services that are currently available at the Binford location. These services include medical, surgical and dental care for cats and dogs, as well as emergency care during regular veterinary clinic hours.

"Whether a pet needs a wellness check-up and vaccinations or spay or neuter surgery, our veterinary care team is committed to providing excellence in all aspects of veterinary care," said Dr. Nichols. "Every pet's health and well-being are extremely important to us. Our professional yet compassionate approach to pet care reflects our care philosophy: treat each pet like a member of your own family."

The veterinary hospital's services include annual pet wellness check-ups for dogs and cats, pet vaccinations, pet dental care, spay and neuter surgery, and other routine pet surgeries. Nutritional counseling and dietary consults are available.

The pet clinic also will provide alternative therapies, such as Medical Ozone (Oxygenation Therapy), Bio-photonic Therapy, acupuncture, electro-acupuncture, LACER therapy, veterinary lower-level laser therapy, and homeopathic medical therapy. The pet clinic offers pet owners the opportunity to combine traditional Chinese and Ayurvedic veterinary care with Western herbal medicine either as an addition to or in place of conventional medications.

"Our veterinary team is proud to offer the best of conventional veterinary medicine and complementary and alternative therapies," said Dr. Nichols. "We find that this integrated approach to veterinary care offers the best treatment options for pets and their owners, especially when pets are in pain from chronic illnesses, for example."

Veterinarian Dr. Nichols is now scheduling pet wellness appointments. To schedule an appointment or to learn more, visit

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