Helps Students Find the Right College With New Interactive Tool

FOSTER CITY, Calif., Jan. 12, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- With the growing demand for college-educated employees, and research showing that college graduates can earn significantly more than those with just a high school degree, has released an interactive tool that can help prospective students find colleges that suit their goals and their pocketbooks. Highlighting 26 of the fastest-growing career industries in the United States, the tool helps students and parents alike feel confident in what schools, programs and careers they are pursuing.

"Our tool brings targeted approach to sorting through the mass of colleges and degree programs to help students make the right. Users can quickly compare tuition at each school as well as the salary range for that career so you can start evaluating what the return on your investment in education might be," said Linda Vergon, managing editor of

The tool lets users start with the end goal - the right career for them - by showing them the projected growth rate in each particular industry along with the national median salary for professionals in the field, using data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

From there, users can see universities and colleges across the country offering degree programs in that field, along with that school's tuition rates and the median income for related positions in the same state as the institution. The entire tool is sortable, allowing prospective students to filter their results to find the right school in the right state at a price they feel comfortable about.

For the parts of the college decision that can't be broken down into simple dollars and cents, has included a comprehensive guide to help users understand what makes a college or university the right fit, how they can determine their preferred course of study and career, and what information they need to know to help tackle the costs of higher education.

The interactive tool and comprehensive college planning guide can be found at:

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