Morgan Drexen Support Services Assist Attorneys in Helping More Than 20,000 Americans Resolve Crippling Debt

COSTA MESA, Calif., Jan. 12, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Morgan Drexen, a leading provider of software and support services to businesses nationwide, ( made the announcement today that attorneys using Morgan Drexen's IT platform have set a client service record by surpassing the milestone of helping more than 20,000 Americans who were struggling with their overwhelming debt.

"Today's announcement that the attorneys we support have helped enough struggling Americans to fill an entire small town was one of the most rewarding announcements our company has ever made," said Morgan Drexen CEO, Walter Ledda. "Our company has always been about taking care of business for attorneys, but when we see that those attorneys have taken the support we give them and turned it into meaningful help for struggling men, women, and families – it shows that our technology can keep legal costs low enough for people who need the help the most."

Today's announcement comes on the heals of Morgan Drexen's announcement earlier this month that attorney's using the company's IT platform have helped settle more than $541 million dollars of distressed consumer debt resulting in the elimination of $328,754,026 dollars of debt for struggling Americans.

"The stories that come back to us are truly heartwarming," said Joe Lizura, Morgan Drexen's Vice President of Media. "I had just received word on Friday that a woman named Bettye, who is a client of one of the law firms using Morgan Drexen's services, had just learned that she had completed her engagement with her attorney, and had been relieved of $37,992.35 worth of back-breaking debt. She was absolutely thrilled!"

"Helping people is the reason many of us become attorneys in the first place," said Vincent Howard, founding shareholder of Howard Law, P.C., whose firm uses the software created by Morgan Drexen. "At the end of the day, it isn't just about the law, but it's how making law services affordable to people who truly need help, that matters the most."

About Morgan Drexen

Morgan Drexen ( provides integrated software systems and administrative support services to businesses and attorneys nationwide. Morgan Drexen's proprietary MDIS software improves workflow through the use of automated document management. In addition to computer technology, Morgan Drexen provides businesses with marketing, marketing support, call centers, outsourced litigation support, databases, work-product retrieval systems and cloud-computing platforms facilitated by the company's outsourced support staff.

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Source: Morgan Drexen Integrated Systems