Lightning Round: Sweet spots of the marketplace

It's that time again! The Lightning Round bell has rung, and Jim Cramer gives his take on a few favorite audience stocks:

Zimmer Holdings: "I think Zimmer is going higher. I like Edwards Lifesciences, I like Zimmer. I think these are the sweet spots in this marketplace. I know they're up a lot, maybe they come in and then you pull the trigger.

Outfront Media: "I don't really like the billboard business, I don't care for advertising. I know it's got a good yield, but there's a lot of places with good yield."

WhiteWave Foods: "This is a multi-year theme, and when the stock goes down like this it's an opportunity. Not something you should run from. I like WhiteWave."

Bristol Meyers-Squibb: "Hold Bristol Meyers. This has a premier cancer franchise. I reiterate, do not sell."

Oracle: "They had a good quarter, I think that Oracle could stay higher. I don't think that Oracle is going to shoot the lights out but I do think it's going to go higher and it's got a decent cloud business."

Corning: "Long-term it's fine. I do worry about the short-term and I worry about component companies, and Corning is one of those. But long-term I think it's absolutely terrific."

Zillow: "It does look like for the moment that it has peaked out, and I want to speak to Spencer Rascoff the CEO. It made a good deal, paid a lot of money and now it's resting and I'm not going to push it right here."

British Petroleum: "Don't short it, or you've got to pay that dividend. But I don't want to own BP, it's got too much risk there. Way too much risk."

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Family Dollar: "I think Dollar Tree is going to buy them... There won't be a competing bid and you should ring the register."

Enbridge: "I like Enbridge, but they're going to boost that dividend. When they do I think you're going to do just fine... I like the pipeline companies, I don't like the oil and gas business in general."

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