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Skepticism over aluminum trucks is 'bleeding away': Ford CEO

Ford CEO: F-150 redefines tough

When it comes to putting aluminum panels on its F-series trucks, Ford is not looking in the rearview mirror.

The auto maker is not seeing resistance from its core customers, and the trucks are the fastest-turning vehicles on its lots, Mark Fields, CEO of Ford Motor, told CNBC from the North American International Auto Show in Detroit on Monday. The F-150, which was awarded truck of the year at the show by a panel of automotive journalists, is rolling off lots about five days after delivery, he said.

"We knew when we produced this vehicle, when we developed it, it was going to be revolutionary, and sometimes there are skeptics along with that, but that's really bleeding away right now," he said in a "Squawk on the Street" interview.

Ford introduced a new GT and other performance models on Monday at the Detroit auto show. The company is using the supercar class as a showcase for its innovation and technology, including engine efficiency, light-weight materials and aerodynamics, Fields said.

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As for government targets to reach a new fuel standard that would see cars get nearly 54½ miles to the gallon by 2025, the key is making sure auto makers work collaboratively with the government to determine whether that is feasible in the given time frame, he said.

While customers are attracted to new fuel efficiency technology and see the value, he noted that electric vehicles still have a low level of adoption.

"That's why the midterm review is so important, because we're really looking forward to sitting down with the government and looking at the feasibility of those requirements, and then what is the impact on the customer, on the cost, on jobs, and we're really looking forward to a very healthy discussion," Fields said.

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