Uber offers helicopter rides to college championship game

Dan Barnes | Vetta | Getty Images

The College Football Championship game is hours away, and fans going to the game in Arlington, Texas, now have a way to avoid game-night traffic.

Uber, the ride-hailing app, is teaming up with a company called Epic Helicopters, to provide on-demand helicopters for Monday night's game.

Here is how the service works: Users in the Dallas-Fort Worth area pop open the Uber app, select "UberCHOPPER," press "set pick up location" and then press the request button.

An Uber driver then picks them up and takes them to a helipad in Dallas. They'll first get a sky-high tour of the city before being dropped off near AT&T Stadium. After the game between Oregon and Ohio State, an Uber driver will give them a ride home.

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2015: The year Uber gets an IPO?

The cost is $350 per person.

Why is Uber offering this service?

"We want to welcome fans from across the country by showing them everything Dallas has to offer from the best view in town," Uber said in a statement.

But the service also could make strategic sense. One view of Uber and its biggest rival, Lyft, is that the two start-ups are becoming virtually interchangeable when it comes to on-demand car rides. So, luxury helicopter flights could be one way for Uber to distinguish itself.

That $350 charge does not include a ticket to the game.

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