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Cramer Remix: The MVPs of today's market

Cramer: The MVPs of today's market
Cramer: The MVPs of today's market

One minute the market it up, the next minute it is down. The market is volatile and brutal. Jim Cramer knows that seeing both ecstasy and tragedy occur in one day means this year is different territory. It's a trader's game.

"If this market were a person, we would be giving it twice-a-week sessions with a psychiatrist, along with some mood altering drugs to keep it a little more on even keel," the "Mad Money" host said.

After such a crazy session, Cramer emphasized the importance of realizing that this is a trader's market. To help navigate that kind of territory, he recommended two things:

No. 1 Find good quality stocks that you like and keep them on your radar. Examine them once a week, to make sure you don't get slaughtered.

No. 2 Take advantage of the volatile market and sell stocks when it opens big and then buy them back when it gets hammered.

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Last week, at the annual Consumer Electronics Show, Flextronics, was in the epicenter of all things new and cutting edge.

Flextronics, the electronic company adored by Cramer, is the second largest electronics manufacturing services company in the world and has its hands on everything relating to medical, automotive, smartphones, printers and computers.

The wide range of goods that Flextronics touches gives it a rare perspective of CES. To get the scoop, Cramer sat down with Flextronics CEO Michael McNamara.

The CEO says he was blown away by the dominance of automobiles at CES.

"If I think about the thing that really blew my mind, [it's] the amount of connectivity and the amount of technology going into cars," he said.

Accountability is crucial in the stock market. And some CEOs can always be counted on to deliver strong results, regardless of what is going on.

Two of Cramer's favorite bankable CEO companies managed to rally nicely on Tuesday amid triumph and tribulations in the averages. The "Mad Money" host pointed out the importance of singling them out as these are the CEOs who can lead the way, regardless of the environment. And yes, they're both named Bob.

First is Bob Iger of Disney. This stock hit an all-time high on Tuesday, truly showing that his strategic moves around Marvel and Pixar characters paid off. The second bankable Bob is Bob Hugin, the CEO of Celgene. This leader has taken Celgene from a company with one franchise, to one with many. He did this by investing billions of the company's excess cash into companies with promise.

"I remember a time before Iger when Disney was this inconsistent entity run in a byzantine fashion by executives who are barely worth mentioning in the same breath as Bob Iger," Cramer said.

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Currently, Cramer sees two large macro-economic themes having major impact on the U.S. economy. First is oil, which has been covered endlessly since it began the rapid decline. The second is the nosedive in interest rates for the U.S. Treasury bonds, which could prove to be a big deal for the economy.

As a review, when the price of a Treasury goes up, the interest rate goes down, and vice versa. The foreign economic landscape has been treacherous as of late, thus money has been flooding into U.S. Treasuries as investors seek financial security.

The result of the incoming flooding of foreign money has sent Treasury prices higher and interest rates lower. How long can this rally really last, and how low can interest rates go?

Looking at the weekly chart of the iShares 20+ year Treasury ETF, otherwise known as the TLT, Garner sees that the U.S. Treasuries are dramatically overbought currently. That means the price of bonds came up way too quickly and could likewise be headed for a dramatic decline.

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To continue with the "Mad Money" theme of finding the next generation of biotech this week, Cramer spoke with the CEO of Halozyme Therapeutics, Dr. Helen Torley.

Halozyme specializes in using human enzymes to alter the extracellular matrix, the area outside of the body that provides structural support for tissues.

Torley spoke to her excitement for Halozyme's pipeline when she stated, "A key reason that I joined Halozyme was because of the potential I saw for PH20. It attacks a sugar that accumulates around some cancers and prevents cancer from getting access."

In the Lightning Round, Cramer spotted the next MVP's when he gave his take on a few caller favorites:

Kinder Morgan: "We are not backing the truck up on anything on this roller coaster market. Should you pick KMI because it has a 5 percent yield, like my charitable trust did? Yes. But there are a lot of people who are dead set against all MLP's. This stock probably will go lower before it goes higher."

Isis Pharmaceuticals: "The one thing I do have to say is that it had a very bad aisle in reversal today. Which means it went up and came back down, which means the stock could use some work. If you want to jump in tomorrow, I think it can wait. Patience! This stock has been a rocket ship for heavens sake."

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