Cramer's bankable Bobs: CEOs leading the way

Accountability is crucial in the stock market. And some CEOs can always be counted on to deliver strong results, regardless of what is going on.

Jim Cramer considers these CEOs to be what he calls bankable. That is, CEOs who investors can count on to lead the way, even in the worst of times. He even dedicated a section in his recent book "Get Rich Carefully" to bankable CEOs, as he believes that a strong leader is a good signal of a company to invest in.

Two of Cramer's favorite bankable CEO companies managed to rally nicely on Tuesday amid triumph and tribulations in the averages.

The "Mad Money" host pointed out the importance of singling them out as these are the CEOs who can lead the way, regardless of the environment. And yes, they're both named Bob.

Bob Iger, chairman and CEO of the Walt Disney Company
Adam Jeffery | CNBC
Bob Iger, chairman and CEO of the Walt Disney Company

First is Bob Iger of Disney. This stock hit an all-time high on Tuesday, truly showing that his strategic moves around Marvel and Pixar characters paid off.

And as Cramer watched the college championships on Disney-owned ESPN, he realized just how integral ESPN really is to a sports enthusiast's life. Cramer isn't willing to cut the cord with ESPN any time soon.

"I remember a time before Iger when Disney was this inconsistent entity run in a byzantine fashion by executives who are barely worth mentioning in the same breath as Bob Iger," Cramer said.

The second bankable Bob is Bob Hugin, the CEO of Celgene. This leader has taken Celgene from a company with one franchise, to one with many. He did this by investing billions of the company's excess cash into companies with promise.

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"I don't know if I would want to own either stock without these gentlemen at the helm, even as I'm wondering if they aren't so good that they'll develop top-notch succession plans, too," Cramer added.

In a volatile market that changes from one minute to another, Cramer stressed the importance of following dependable CEOs. Both Bobs have demonstrated that even in the worst of times, they can be counted on to deliver.

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