Telekom Malaysia Deploys Oscilloquartz Synchronization Suite Throughout National Core Network

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia, Jan. 13, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Oscilloquartz, an ADVA Optical Networking company, today announced that Telekom Malaysia is deploying its complete timing and phase synchronization solution in a 3-year framework agreement. Oscilloquartz's technology, including its PTP grandmaster and remote slave clocks, will become a critical component of Telekom Malaysia's national core network as it prepares for increased demand of LTE-Advanced services and other applications that require ultimate accuracy in the delivery of frequency, phase and time-of-day information. Oscilloquartz will be working with long-term partner, Telechat Communication, to deploy and maintain its technology throughout Telekom Malaysia's national network footprint.

"Telekom Malaysia is a company with incredible vision, a company with incredible ambition. It's inherent in everything they do," commented Gil Biran, general manager, Oscilloquartz. "That's why they're so focused on developing the best timing solution possible. They know their customers' success depends upon it. They know it will provide them with a key competitive edge. The full end-to-end timing solution that we've developed together means that they now have a turn-key offering for mobile network operators, financial organizations, utilities - anyone who needs an application that depends upon the delivery of frequency, phase and time-of-day information. And this is a number that is going to increase enormously in the coming months and years."

Oscilloquartz has worked extremely closely with Telekom Malaysia to prepare its network for a rapid response to growing customer demand for applications with specific timing needs. This close inter-working included several months of rigorous testing in Telekom Malaysia's lab facilities to ensure that Oscilloquartz's technology could deliver the required accuracy of frequency, phase and time-of-day information. Something it did with ease. Oscilloquatz's PTP grandmaster and remote clocks, in addition to its management software, now provide Telekom Malaysia with a complete end-to-end timing solution and the opportunity to develop new revenue streams. Such a comprehensive timing solution is key for operational simplicity and ease of use.

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