PAC Releases Next Generation Process Viscometer, the ViscoPro 2100

HOUSTON, Texas, Jan. 14, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- PAC is excited to announce its next generation process viscometer. The ViscoPro 2100 enhances and improves the oscillating piston technology through improved performance, as well as ease of use and installation.

Due to the ViscoPro 2100's modular configuration, it is able to produce highly reliable viscosity results for numerous applications in the refinery, petrochemical, and coatings industries. With its new electronics design, the repeatability of the ViscoPro 2100's measurements are improved by a factor of 2. Additionally, it has numerous hazardous area certifications, including FM, IECEX, and ATEX, and multiple communication protocols for measurements and diagnostics.

"In the process environment, it is important to have real-time viscosity data you can trust. The ViscoPro 2100 utilizes the oscillating piston method, which has become the gold standard in small sample viscosity measurement with its patented sensor technology. It provides accurate viscosity data that correlates to laboratory results with no calibration drifts. With this viscometer, operations are able to tighten process control to ensure products meet specifications, " said Daniel Benitez, PAC Vice-President of Process Analytics.

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Source:PAC L.P.