Lightning Round: A great cloud play

It's that time again! The Lightning Round bell has rung, and Jim Cramer gives his take on a few favorite audience stocks:

Teekay Corp: "I say keep looking. I don't want you in oil companies but if you are going to be in that area, at least be in the best of breed. That is Nordic American Breed, that has a big dividend boost...I don't like the group but this is the one to be in."

STMicroelectronics: "No, you want to be in NXP Semiconductors. But that one is really, really high. It is a better company. I have been telling people for lower risk to buy Cypress Semiconductor because of the merger and because of the yield."

Veeva: "It's a very good cloud play. There are a lot of bears in it, they always knock the stock down. Big short position in the name. I like Adobe too, if you want a less volatile one."

Starbucks: "I know that I was disappointed when Troy Alstead had to take a coffee break, because he's terrific. But don't worry. Howard Schultz has got it all lined up. I think the stock is one of the great growth companies of all-time."

Synergy Resources: "I've been surprised on why that stock is up, but I don't want to touch anything in the oil and gas sector. I own Royal Dutch Shell for my charitable trust. That's enough house of pain, I don't need to distribute it."

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Papa John's: "Both Papa John's and Domino's are very extended. I want them to come down before I can tell people to pound the table."

Tesoro Corp: "I'm not recommending oil stocks... don't need anymore house of pain."

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