Updated Google translate app doesn't need Internet

The Google logo is displayed on the screen of an iPhone.
Jason Alden | Bloomberg | Getty Images

Need to up your translation skills to the speed of light? Well, Google might be able to help, although it can't guarantee that kind of speed. But it can help you out, even if you aren't connected to the Internet.

The company has announced an updated Google Translate app that can offer translations in real time. It will roll out to both Android and iOS. Some new features will be added to iOS that were previously only available to Android users, such as camera translations and camera mode.

The app will allow users to use their camera to snap a photo of text and get translations in 36 languages. This means you can get instant translations by pointing your phone at that menu or at a sign. The translated text will appear on the screen and no Internet will be needed to do it.

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Once two languages have been selected in the app, the voice translation mode will automatically recognize changes between the two spoken languages as it hears them. For example, users asking for directions won't have to manually toggle back and forth between languages as they speak.

Camera translations will include 36 languages while conversation mode will be able to access 38.