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Cramer's take on Target after Canada

Cramer's take on Target after Canada
Cramer's take on Target after Canada

Jim Cramer is a proud American, loyal to making money on domestic shores. He knows when to stay out of Switzerland's debacle, ironically caused by the very country that is infamous for its no-interference policy.

Thus the "Mad Money" host warned investors that it is time to isolate themselves. Not in the kind of way that means locking yourself in your house and building a moat. He means keeping your eye open for opportunity, as the potential for making money is greater in the U.S. than overseas.

On Thursday, Switzerland opted to strengthen the Swiss franc versus the euro. It was a strategic decision aimed to keep funds flowing out of euro-denominated banks and into Swiss-franc denominated banks.

The move stunned currency traders worldwide, as it caused worries that the Swiss franc became too strong too quickly and could lead to the inability for Swiss banks to pay companies back.

"We are doing really well in this country, and these other places are just floundering around doing a whole lot of nothing," he added.

Don't just run out and gobble up all American stocks, Cramer warned. Be strategic and pick the domestic companies that can benefit investors on weakness.

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It is official Cramerica, it was confirmed that you can't parachute into a country, dump 133 ready-made stores and expect them shoot through the roof with success overnight.

Target, unfortunately, learned this the hard way with Canada.

"It is proven to be one of the dumbest moves ever, not just in retail, but in any business I follow," the "Mad Money" host said.

Now the question remains—what do you do with Target's stock?

Buy it! Cramer said to buy some now, and more if the company heads lower. He believes that the new Target CEO Brian Cornell has the muster to be able to restore the store back to its glory days.

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This week, Cramer has been on a search for the next generation of biotech companies, the ones that shot through the roof in 2014 and could be the best play for 2015. One of these companies is a speculative small-cap vaccine developer called Novavax.

This company took off during the Ebola scare back in October. It boasts a vaccine technology platform to develop vaccines that protect infants, children and the elderly against a respiratory illness known as RSV, as well as the flu. It is also in early stages of development for an Ebola vaccine.

To find out more, Cramer spoke with Novavax CEO Stanley Erck. Though the Ebola epidemic brought Novavax to light, it is the other vaccines that it's working on that make it commercially viable.

"We made a breakthrough a few years ago in the way that we make the RSV…. We decided and made the announcement a couple of years ago that we were ahead of the industry by years at least and that we were not going to partner because it would slow us down," Erck said.

Another biotech winner for 2014 was BioMarin. In Cramer's perspective, it has the strongest pipeline of orphan drugs that exist. It also announced on Thursday that it would acquire Prosensa for $840 million. Prosensa sports a drug treatment for the fatal genetic condition Duchenne muscular dystrophy.

BioMarin upped its guidance for 2015, indicating that it is confident with what's in the pipeline. The "Mad Money" host spoke with company CEO Jean-Jacques Bienaime to find out more.

"The launch is going better than we anticipated around the world. The feedback we are getting from clinicians and patients about the benefits they are observing with the drug is very positive," said Bienaime.

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Likewise, Receptos is a biotech company that is focused on discovering, developing and commercializing therapeutics for immune disorders.

Cramer sees the value of Receptos in its ability to develop one drug that treats many different diseases.

Basically, instead of boasting about its pipeline of products, the pipeline is in the product.

The "Mad Money" host spoke with Receptos CEO Faheem Hasnain to find out how one drug can span the reach of so many diseases.

"What our drug does is actually sequesters or locks blood cells that have gone haywire. Autoimmune disorders like MS, IBD, rheumatoid arthritis, psoriasis are inflammatory conditions…we can potentially control the inflammation that ends up being the root cause of these different disorders," said Hasnain.

In the Lightning Round, Cramer gave his take on a few caller favorites:

Century Communities: "Be careful, because Lennar Corp talked about margins that were not that great. And people crushed Lennar. When the best gets crushed, the speculative get routed. Give it three days, we will look at it then once the smoke clears off of Lennar."

Frontline: "I am not going to recommend these stocks up here. Let them come in."