Forget Switzerland! Make big bucks in USA

Jim Cramer is a proud American, loyal to making money on domestic shores. He knows when to stay out of Switzerland's debacle, ironically caused by the very country that is infamous for its no-interference policy.

Thus the "Mad Money" host warned investors that it is time to isolate themselves. Not in the kind of way that means locking yourself in your house and building a moat. He means keeping your eye open for opportunity, as the potential for making money is greater in the U.S. than overseas.

On Thursday, Switzerland opted to strengthen the Swiss franc versus the euro. It was a strategic decision aimed to keep funds flowing out of euro-denominated banks and into Swiss-franc denominated banks.

The move stunned currency traders worldwide, as it caused worries that the Swiss franc became too strong too quickly and could lead to the inability for Swiss banks to pay companies back.

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Cramer's approach? Stay out of it. Why take on the headache of the European Central Bank and the floundering European economy if you don't need to?

"The key takeaway is that this stuff is impenetrable to all but the pros, and even they get it wrong very often, so what's the darned point?" the "Mad Money" host asked.

Know your limitations.

Frankly the Swiss franc has nothing to do with the price-to- earnings ratio on a good quality domestic biotech like Bristol-Myers. So, don't sweat it.

Instead, Cramer encouraged home gamers to invest in stocks of companies with very limited sensitivity or just go straight for U.S. companies.

"We are doing really well in this country, and these other places are just floundering around doing a whole lot of nothing," he added.

Another reason to stick to the U.S.? Innovation. Cramer has noticed that the U.S. seems to be the only country right now with any innovation in the pipeline. European biotechs, social media and cloud stocks are a scarce commodity right now.

But the main reason to invest domestically—you make more money in the U.S.

The stronger that the dollar becomes, the cheaper goods get overseas. Domestic companies like Restoration Hardware can fill its showroom with furniture from Europe at lower prices.

Ultimately, the goods are in the U.S. anyway! This country boasts a stable government, universities, abundant natural resources and the smartest and most rational central bank.

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After all, America is not held hostage by Russia's natural gas debacle.

Don't just run out and gobble up all American stocks, Cramer warned. Be strategic and pick the domestic companies that can benefit investors on weakness.

'Merica, heck yeah.

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