An Industry First: PureVPN Launches DDoS Protected VPN Add-on

HONG KONG, Jan. 15, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- PureVPN, the leader in home and business VPN services, has just launched an amazing new feature: DDoS VPN Add-on. PureVPN is the first brand to bring this brilliant new innovation to the VPN industry. The DDoS add-on by PureVPN utilizes 3Tbps+ of network strength and anti-DDoS servers across North America and Europe to rebound all types of DDoS attacks on its clients.

The First DDoS Protected VPN in the Industry

PureVPN's DDoS VPN add-on features 3Tbps+ of network strength, Tilera and Arbor support, automatic detection and prevention, and the ability to ward off an unlimited number of DDoS attacks of unlimited durations. Any user with a DDoS protected dedicated IP will have his/her data routed through PureVPN's anti-DDoS servers, preventing any possibility of a DDoS attack on them.

DDoS VPN Add-on: A Blessing for Home & Business Users

Whether someone wants to bring down a website server, slowdown a competitor's online business activity, or take down an opponent's IP on a gaming server, a DDoS attack is usually the weapon of choice. This is where PureVPN's DDoS protected VPN comes in.

PureVPN's DDoS VPN add-on assigns dedicated IPs to its clients and routes their data traffic through anti-DDoS servers across North America and Europe. This protects home and business users of the PureVPN DDoS add-on from becoming victims of any and all kinds of DDoS attacks.

Reasons behind the Launch of DDoS Protection Add-On

While talking about the DDoS Protection Add-On, PureVPN's co-founder, Mr. Uzair Gadit, remarked:

"PureVPN is all about delivering the best internet security and privacy solution to home users as well as business users. Given the rise in DDoS attacks as a preferred tool for disrupting online businesses and spoiling online gaming, it was only instinctive for us to incorporate DDoS protection in our service features."

A Feature-Packed Add-On

PureVPN's DDoS VPN add-on comes with a long list of amazing features, such as:

  • Unlimited bandwidth usage
  • Protection against unlimited number of attacks
  • Complete protection against attacks of all durations
  • All types of DDoS attack handling
  • 3Tbps+ of network strength
  • Tilera & Arbor support enabled
  • Mitigation points across Central & Western Europe and North America
  • Automatic detection and activation

The Company behind this Innovation

PureVPN is a VPN provider that focuses on providing privacy, security and freedom to home and business users, worldwide.

Starting out in 2007, PureVPN features one of the best networks in the industry, hosting 450+ servers across 89+ countries, offering 77,000+ IPs, 256-bit data encryption, multiple protocol support, custom VPN software and 24/7 customer support.

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