Cloudways Introduces First-Ever Built-In Varnish Compatible WooCommerce Hosting Platform

MOSTA, Malta, Jan. 15, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Cloudways, the world's fastest growing Cloud Platform, announces the addition of one-of-a-kind Varnish-compatible WooCommerce hosting stack. This newly formulated stack also uses the robust powers of Memcached, Apache, and Nginx in order to provide supersonic performance and speed.

With 5 million downloads, WooCommerce has become the most popular ecommerce plugin for WordPress websites. According to the statistics from, it is used by 17.77% of all ecommerce websites on the internet.

With such bright prospects, WooCommerce has risen to become world's favorite ecommerce solution. However, it was found to be incompatible with Varnish cache, a popular HTTP accelerator that helps websites improve their concurrent performance.

After observing this need in the market, Cloudways took this challenge upon itself. The integration process went through several trial and errors, and the cloud hosting team of Cloudways finally found a way to configure Varnish cache with WooCommerce from the very start.

"We have noticed that many have found it difficult to leverage Varnish cache when it came to WooCommerce. Considering this WordPress ecommerce platform's quick growth, we took it upon us to create a hosting mechanism where the performance of WooCommerce can be enhanced by Varnish right from the beginning," shares Pere Hospital, Co-founder and Chief Technological Officer of Cloudways.

This makes Cloudways the first Cloud Hosting Platform that can host WooCommerce stores with built-in Varnish cache. Together with Memcached, Apache, and Nginx, web stores hosted on Cloudways WooCommerce Hosting Platform are 100% faster as compared to conventional hosting mediums.

Not only this, it comes with special features where store owners can install SSL certificates on their stores, deploy additional SSL-protected WooCommerce stores on the same server, and deploy other core applications (like WordPress, etc.), and much more.

Cloudways has once again proved that it's a company with customer-focused ambitions and goals. This much-awaited integration will go a long way in streamlining the operations of online stores using WooCommerce.

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