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Excited that earnings season is back in full swing, Jim Cramer is already gearing up for next week. However, given the volatility in Europe this week, he still subscribes to his "America First" theory. Forget about foreign stocks; he is sticking to the land of money-making opportunity. And that is the U.S.A. until further notice.

"You need to see oil stabilize, and you need to see the consumer finally recognize that gasoline's not going to back up to $4 a gallon any time soon, to encourage buyers to start taking advantage of some of the incredible bargains this week's selloff has created," the "Mad Money" host said.

However, Cramer maintains that we are in a trader's market. It is only as good as the country, company or person who last spoke. That is why earnings are crucial next week—they will determine the direction of the market.

With this in mind, here are the events and companies that Cramer will be watching next week:

Traders on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange.
Brendan McDermid | Reuters
Traders on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange.

Monday: Eurozone statistics
Though the U.S. market will be closed on Monday, the rest of the world will be open. In general, Cramer doesn't care about European statistics such as the current account and construction output, but he thinks this time around they could have significant impact.

Perhaps they will give investors an inkling that lower oil prices and a weakening euro are affecting the European economy positively.

Tuesday: Halliburton, Netflix, IBM
Halliburton: Oil has rallied based on the positive sentiment from Schlumberger this week. However, Halliburton is far more exposed than Schlumberger. That means there could be an oil reversal.

Netflix: One of Cramer's infamous cult stocks, Netflix, will report after the close. If Netflix reports a strong number, then money will flow back into the other cult stocks that were beaten badly this week.

IBM: Investors need IBM to announce an upside surprise, or at least give word of a restructuring. Otherwise, it will be beaten badly. At that point Cramer will even question Warren Buffett's loyalty to the stock.

Wednesday: United Health, United Rentals, General Dynamics & Verizon
United Health: If this company has good things to say about medical costs and Obamacare, then Cramer expects to see a boost in all things health care. "I can't believe how important this report's going to be," he said.

United Rentals: This one was crushed because of the price of oil, as it has an oil services division. However, if it has good things to say, then Cramer expects an upside in all things machinery.

General Dynamics: "Will the company talk about how other countries are now arming themselves and not just relying on the United States as their protector? I think yes," Cramer added.
That means the "Mad Money" host is a buyer ahead of it reporting.

Thursday: Verizon
Cramer likes that the yield of 4.7 percent is safe on this stock. However, he is worried about the price war in the wireless business. Thus, he will be watching for any signs of weakness on Verizon and recommended it as a buying opportunity to obtain a great bond market equivalent with good yield.

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Friday: Honeywell & General Electric
Honeywell: Wait to hear the results on this one. Even though the stock is a longtime Cramer fave, he is worried about the risk and reward going into the quarter.

General Electric: A problematic stock. It got out of the financing business and focused more on energy. Cramer thinks it was a good move to get out of financing, but given how the energy sector has been recently, all he can say is "Ouch!"

Bonus opportunity—Cramer hasn't seen any IPOs recently. Next week will bring the IPO of Box, a data-storage play. He thinks it will be a home run that will trade instantly to a premium.

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