We are in a win-win, sweet spot for oil right now

Looking at the big picture for oil, Jim Cramer sees that it is right in the sweet spot. The price has finally reached the happy medium where it has stopped going down for a while, and the market can finally breathe.

"Right now the stock market fears financial collapse more than it welcomes consumer strength," said the "Mad Money" host.

While there is tons of chatter in the market currently about the impact of the Swiss franc to the financial system, Cramer is not in that boat. He has been investing long enough to know that it will not bring the market to the point of financial catastrophe. It might be an unsettling event, but it won't take down the market.

Oil, on the other hand, is no joke.

A customer puts gas into a vehicle at the U-gas station gas prices continue to drop in Miami, Florida.
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A customer puts gas into a vehicle at the U-gas station gas prices continue to drop in Miami, Florida.

"I have been around long enough to know that matters. This market will go down if we hit a slew of bankruptcies and the reverberations will not be contained to just oil," Cramer said.

The best thing that the market has going on right now are the employment numbers, not low rates or low gasoline prices. Layoffs in the oil patch will hurt.

That is why it was a huge deal when the Energy Information Administration confirmed that it anticipates enough of a production shutdown to create equilibrium. Finally, those bailing on the oil patch could breathe.

In Cramer's opinion, in order for price equilibrium to be achieved, solvency is key. If the oil companies can sell shares, refinance and find other ways to bring in cash, it will allow them to avert bankruptcy and catastrophe.

In the meantime, Cramer thinks investors should take a step back and look at the big picture. We are finally at that sweet spot for the price of oil, where people realize that low prices are not as bad as they thought. Consumers have realized that the days of $4 a gallon for gas are in the rearview mirror.

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"The consumer doesn't need $1 oil to feel good. $2 will do fine. It's exactly the amount that gives $1,000 in disposable income to be spent elsewhere, and it's enough to make consumer sentiment surge to an 11-year high," Cramer added.

He wants consumers to enjoy the win-win deal on oil for now, or at least let the market rally as it finally found some of the long lost stability it needed.

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