"Everybody Move Now" Movement, Fitness and Self-Expression Class - Beginning Mar. 9

FULLERTON, Calif., Jan. 17, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The first class for kids with disabilities offered through Fullerton Parks and Recreation, "Everybody Move Now" music and movement program is a six-week class at the Fullerton Community Center, 340 West Commonwealth Avenue, Fullerton, held Mondays starting January 19 and March 9. (Flyer: https://ecom.cityoffullerton.com/classeconnect/Activities/ActivitiesAdvSearch.asp > kids >dance classes)

As lauded in Dance Magazine and originally offering a series of special needs dance classes for ages 4-18, the overwhelming demand for this type of programming led to the creation of the "Everybody Move Now" series, exploring the development of rhythm, fitness, social skills, and self-expression.

Upcoming sessions include:

  • January 19 – Feb. 23, Mondays, 5-6pm
  • March 9 – April 13, Mondays, 5-6pm

Sessions will utilize best practices for inclusion and participation for those affected by developmental, physical, or cognitive disabilities.

Classes are taught by CF Dance Academy Facilitator Robin Hogerhuis, of Fullerton, a parent of two children with autism, with her MS in Special Education and an MA in Behavioral Therapy and the curriculum was developed in conjunction with Ms. Leanna Marie Forcucci, Co-Owner of CF Dance in Fullerton, with the full support of Fullerton Cares Autism Foundation, a nonprofit dedicated to creating equal and inclusive educational and athletic opportunities for children with autism and special needs in the Fullerton area.

Says Hogerhuis of the program, "This was originally inspired by the Fullerton Cares Mardi Gras For Autism annual event serving kids in our community. When I saw the amazing light in our kids' eyes when they brought motion into their activities and expression, I knew I wanted to bring this to more children in our region."

Says Fullerton Cares Founder Larry Houser, "'Everybody Move Now' is a groundbreaking special needs movement program and we are so proud that the City of Fullerton is supporting this activity for our kids of all abilities."

Volunteer opportunities are available for those who wish to participate.

Classes are $77.00 per session, identical to the cost for a similar class with non-disabled participants.

To register, visit The Fullerton Community Center website at https://ecom.cityoffullerton.com/classeconnect/Activities/ActivitiesAdvSearch.asp

PRESS: Interviews and photography will be permitted with prior RSVP to Jess@Feltenmedia.com.

ABOUT CF DANCE ACADEMY: An Orange County fixture for over 28 years, CF Dance Academy offers high-quality dance education in a nurturing, encouraging and fun-filled environment for dancers of all ages. http://www.cfdance.net

ABOUT EVERYBODY MOVE NOW: A brand new music and movement class designed for children with special needs. Students will discover musical genres, learn basic dance steps, explore rhythm instruments and participate in movement games; encouraging social development, music appreciation, physical fitness and gross motor development with available 1:1 support facilitated by instructional aides as needed.

ABOUT FULLERTON CARES: Awareness, acceptance and fundraising are the pillars of Fullerton Cares, which spreads autism awareness throughout North O.C. and was founded by Lawrence Houser in 2010 and has raised over $53,000 for autism initiatives. http://fullertoncares.com/

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Source: Fullerton Cares