How to sell a buggy on eBay for 15,000 times the price

A British father-of-three's comical description of a green buggy for sale on eBay has gone viral, ensuring that he's likely to walk away from the auction a wealthier man.

Joel Andresier, from Southampton, U.K. set up an inevitable bidding war for a child's buggy at just £9.99 ($15), with his choice of words to advertise the item he says has taken away his "happy carefree low cost child free life."

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The auction began on Sunday and bids for the 'Green Explorer double buggy' by baby care manufacturer Phil & Ted now stand at £156,505 ($236,496). There have been 221 bids so far, with just under seven days still until the auction closes.

Given that the average buggy typically sells for under £100 on eBay, Andresier looks to do well from this auction.

He also describes the buggy as a "green monster" and "green albatross", that was once used "to concuss a randy Alsatian that tried getting amorous with my (labrador)."

The first bids for the buggy came Monday, rising sharply from £10.49 to £153,700. There have been five bidding retractions already.

The current retail price for a Phil & Ted buggy or pushchair can range from £399 to £638. The company would appear to sympathize with Joel's situation, with its website offering a page on "Tips to help you survive the crazy world of parenting."

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"Marketing genius"

Credit: eBay and 'ukjoel25'

Since the advert has gone viral, comments have spread across the eBay bidding page with one labeling Andresier a "marketing genius."

While many of the comments have praised the seller, some have criticized him with remarks such as "omg how pathetic u r! …U don't deserve kids."

When asked on eBay if he had a 'Buy It Now' price, Andresier comically suggested a price of £200,000. If and when Andresier gets his reward for the buggy, he intends on spending the money towards helping him "recover from children" which will "probably involve drugs and alcohol."

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eBay madness

This is not the only eBay auction that's raised eyebrows.

In recent weeks, French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo has been advertised for prices up to $117,839, triggering a backlash from almost 38,500 protesters, who signed a French petition criticizing eBay.

John Whitbread, an eBay user known as "Jilted John," has also drawn attention after selling his two-week honeymoon to the Dominican Republic on eBay after his fiancé left him at Christmas.

With two of the top bidders pulling out their bids, Whitbread will find out this Sunday who will accompany him on his honeymoon. He plans to donate the money raised from the auction to "Balls to Cancer," a charity tackling male-related cancers.

Andresier meanwhile has this advice for those thinking of buying a used buggy on eBay: "There are many adverts on here for immaculate models and these people are all liars and scoundrels as nothing that comes into contact with a young child is ever immaculate," he wrote on the auction's listing.

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