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Face to Face: Richard Branson and will.i.am

Face to Face: Richard Branson and will.i.am
Face to Face: Richard Branson and will.i.am

Richard Branson is the founder of the Virgin Group, employing 60,000 people over 50 countries.

Will.i.am is a seven-time Grammy Award winner, who has sold millions of albums worldwide.

While they may have different day jobs, Branson and will.i.am are on the same page about one thing: the importance of a team.

"I think having a team of people around you is critical," Branson told CNBC, in response to a Facebook question from Emma-Louise Ewing, who wanted to know how to stay motivated in the face of challenges.

Will.i.am agreed, citing the importance of the people who've been with him since he was 15, just embarking on a career.

And that's not all they have in common. There's one electronic device they both keep close by: their BlackBerry.

"I've got a BlackBerry in one pocket and I'm trying to see if I can enjoy the iPhone in the other pocket," said Branson.

Will.i.am also uses a BlackBerry along with an iPad. For these busy entrepreneurs, it would seem that two devices are better than one.

Watch the full video for all the highlights including Branson's guilty pleasure and the one thing will.i.am would do differently if he could turn back time.

Sir Richard Branson and Will.I.Am at 2015 WEF in Davos, Switzerland.
Katie Kramer | CNBC

Branson and will.i.am joined CNBC as part of a collaboration with Facebook, bringing some of the smartest minds at Davos into News Feed to answer questions from the social platform. The "Face to Face" video series features conversations with a wide range of influencers who might not otherwise share the same stage.

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