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Study Links Increased Iridoid Consumption to Reduced AGE Levels

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PROVO, Utah, Jan. 21, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- A new study published in the International Journal of Food Science found that consumption of iridoid-rich foods results in a reduction in AGE levels.

The study, conducted in part by Dr. Brett West, Morinda's director of research, reports the association between iridoid intake and lower levels of AGEs (advanced glycation end-products).

Increased AGE levels have been linked to several adverse health conditions and contribute to the aging process. Both a human pilot study and a cross-sectional population study were conducted, and the results indicate that consuming dietary sources of iridoids results in a reduction in AGE accumulation.

Dr. West said the results suggest that consumption of dietary iridoids may be a useful anti-aging strategy.

"One of the important takeaways is that data from almost 4,000 people reveal an association between increased daily iridoid intake and reduced AGE levels," West said. "This appears to confirm our conclusions from in vitro experiments and an eight-week human intervention study."

In the human pilot study, participants were asked to consume 60 – 240 mL of an iridoid-enriched beverage daily for eight weeks. The changes in skin AGE levels were measured with an AGE reader: a scientifically validated non-invasive instrument which measures skin auto-fluorescence to determine relative AGE levels in the skin. After eight weeks of consuming the iridoid-enriched beverage, the average AGE-associated age had declined by five years.

The cross-sectional population study also found that those who consumed iridoids had significantly lower AGE levels. On average, their skin AGE levels were associated with people who were 2.07 years younger than themselves.

Morinda's Vice President of Marketing, Shon Whitney, said this study not only confirms the importance of consuming iridoids to combat AGEs, but also confirms the relevancy of Morinda's TruAge Core products.

"AGEs negatively affect the human body and Morinda offers products to counter AGEs in a healthy, proactive way," Whitney said. "TruAge Max, one of Morinda's TruAge Core products, features the highest measured dose of iridoids available, 120 mg per serving."

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