Lightning Round: Best performing stock in the S&P

It's that time again! The Lightning Round bell has rung, and Jim Cramer gives his take on a few favorite audience stocks:

CVR Refining: "I've been looking at that stock, and it's one of the ones that has that troublesome yield. a 14 or 15 percent yield means that it is a red flag, which means I can't recommend it."

Horizon Pharmaceuticals: "We like all the pain plays, we think there is room for all of them. But you have to understand it is a very speculative long as people recognize you have to be playing with your mad money, I'm okay with it."

Seadrill: "I don't know how much lower Seadrill can go. It's been just a disaster, along with all of the others. That said, there are a lot of people who know that if oil were to drop back to $42, that stock would go to $8. At this point you have endured enough pain. You do not need to sell it yet, but know that the downside might not be complete if oil goes down to $42."

Southwest Airlines: "Best performing stock in the S&P 500. Do I think it could repeat? I don't know. It's a great stock, a great airline. I listened to the Delta call and Delta is real good. I bet Southwest is really good tomorrow, I like it."

Rice Energy: "I got enough oil companies with really good dividends and have great prospects, so I don't need to be in Rice. If I had to be in one that is really down and out that fits the Rice category, I would probably be in Carrizo or maybe in Cimarex."

Greenbrier Companies: "It is too volatile for me, as is Trinity. They just reported a fantastic quarter, but I do think that there will be fewer cars ordered because I think that the railroad part of the oil business is going to be slowed down...scale out of it over time."

Old Dominion Freight Line: "People feel that the trucking companies are not having a good quarter. People also feel that they are not benefiting because diesel fuel has not fallen as fast as regular gasoline. I think Old Dominion is fine, and that owning the truckers is not a bad deal."

Deckers Outdoor Corp: "My feeling on Deckers is that you own it long-term because Angel Martinez is maybe one of the smartest people in the footwear business. I want to own that stock. Am I saying the quarter is good? No, I'm saying that you want the long-term value of Deckers."

Castlight Health: "No, that came public during a time when a whole lot of other companies came public. It was a real jam up, I'm disappointed and expensive. If you want cost effective benefits, it's not exactly the same kind of industry but I've been recommending TriNet. That is the one that I want to use."

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Sprint: "There's a lot of talk about a Sprint and a Google tie up, talk with a Sprint and T-Mobile tie up with Google. All this is talk, all of it is rumor. I think you have to hold on to Sprint for the long-term because it's too low to sell at $4 and they've got a big backer. I think they'll be okay."

Integrated Device Technology: "I hear good things about it, but my favorite in that sector is Cypress and I still like Intel after that quarter. But Cypress to me represents the best value and so does Skyworks. I think those are better plays."

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